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Published on Mar,2022

Adobe Summit 2022 is just finished. I am excited to share the news with you guys about the 5 exciting announcements in the session.

3 of them are already available, one will be released next week, and the final one (which I super look forward to) can still be expected in 2022!

#1: Annotation – Improved communication with your team

This feature is going to be released next week (March 23, 2022!).

FINALLY!  Annotation mark is a long-existing feature in Google Analytics*. However, it was missing in Adobe Analytics.

By using annotation, users can now share information with their team more easily. For example, you just launched a new campaign, so your website traffic has significantly increased. You can add an annotation on the starting day of the campaign, so the report reader can easily know what happened at the turning point of the traffic. Another example can be that your tracking was broken (OK. We don’t expect that, but it is not uncommon.), so you may need to mark that day to inform the team.

👉 Get to know more about annotations

*Annotation is available in GA Universal. Interesting enough is that Google just removed this feature from GA4 and the add-back plan is not clear yet. (You can have it by using an extension through.)

#2: More Powerful Quick Segment

This feature is now available in Adobe Analytics. It helps to get a quick insight by bypassing the segment builder. This function seems somewhat complicated and scary for beginners in Adobe Analytics.

Now we can choose the Visitor / Visits / Hit level with up to 3 conditions (click the “plus” icon to add more criteria). (see below)

It is a great feature that not only saves time but also simplifies the process to encourage people to interact with the data by themselves. Since in many cases, marketers would just need a simple segment to quickly get the insight.

PS. If your segment needs nested containers or sequential conditions, you need to use the segment builder to fulfill it.


Source : Adobe

#3: Say Goodbye to the Report & Analytics Tab

During the Adobe Summit 2022, Adobe announced that we have to say Goodbye to the Report & Analytics tab.

It will be sunset in December 2023!

Wait a min, does it mean that we can’t access the reports by default?

Don’t worry. You can still access it, but the tab will be removed and it will be one of the workspace options in the new landing page layout.  (see below, the “Reports” tab is now in the workspace menu.)

Access your Adobe Analytics workspace, you will see a switcher “New landing page” at the left bottom corner. We are now able to use the new and more intuitive landing page.

  • Projects: Blank projects or mobile scorecards. (More features on this topic are introduced in the next paragraph!)
  • Reports:  It contains reports that are pre-built by Adobe, such as reports in the old Reports & Analytics tab.
  • Learning: It somehow replaces the “Templates” feature. By clicking it, you will see some common workspace templates (incl. tutorial) there.
    PS. The Templates that your organization created will still remain.

Source : Adobe

#4: Better Project Navigation

In point 3, we have learned that we have a new landing page design.

Well, you might think,  “Hmm moving one tab from the top menu to the left menu…… doesn’t sound exciting at all. “

Hold on, I think the beauty of the release is the workspace project management.

Have you ever forgotten the project name and felt lost in the workspace lists?

Or have you ever thought to pin several projects from tons of projects that you have access to?

In the default workspace navigation, we can either search the project by name or try to sort the fields (e.g. Owner)  in the first view. Otherwise, you need to click the “More” menu, which is next to the button “Create project”,  and then select “Manage your projects” to enable the filters for advanced search. (To be honest, not very intuitive, don’t you think?)

With the new layout/navigation of the workspace, you can use filters to quickly find the right project you want and also pin your currently most used projects on top.

See more details on the Adobe Analytics landing page.

Source : Adobe

#5: Share Project without Login! (Share read-only link)

OMG!!! Can you imagine how many session attendees were screaming in front of their monitors? (I was one of them.)

I believe that many of us had once faced one of the below scenarios when sharing the project:

  1. Stakeholders don’t have the Adobe Account
  2. Stakeholders forget their Adobe Login
  3. Stakeholders are just too lazy to log in to Adobe (what? I reveal the secret in your mind?)

Due to the above reasons, we need to export the report as a PDF, which may come with some follow-up requests like:

“Hey, can we show 50 rows instead of 10 rows in Table A?”  or “Can we change the line chart granularity from daily to monthly?”

It is easy but time-consuming to export another PDF report. I truly believe that with this feature, the power of analytics can be leveraged more by the organization.

The feature is not yet available but is planned to be released this year. Can’t wait to see this new option in the “Share” tab!


Hope you enjoyed the short post about Adobe Analytics announcements of March 2022. Feel free to share the news with your team, company, and friends!

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