Don’t Know Which Report is the Right One for You? Check Our New Report Gallery!

Don't Know WhiCh Report is the Right One for You? Check Out Our New Report Gallery!Do you know which reports will show the essential information about the performance of your website? Or which reports will help you improve your sales? Perhaps, you are also wondering...


Wan-Yu Lee

Wan-Yu is a certified Adobe Analytics Expert, now as MarTech & Digital Analyst at Digital Loop.

In the Digital Analytics Team she is an expert for various topics in the field of web analytics.


Delia Modest

As a trained journalist and SEO expert, Delia writes articles for various platforms and clients. Your texts are always SEO-optimized. She develops digital marketing strategies for clients and analyzes websites for action.

Vladimir Stashevskiy

Vladimir is a digital analytics consultant and developer with a focus on business and web analytics.

He specializes in supporting SMBs and Enterprises through the implementation of scalable digital analytics infrastructures.

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