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A/B Test Significance Calculator

A/B TESTING SIGNIFICANCE CALCULATORWould you like to know whether your test results are also significant and therefore really meaningful? With our significance calculator, you can see at a glance which result is significant and which uplift or downlift could have...

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Wan-Yu Lee

Wan-Yu is a certified Adobe Analytics Expert, now as MarTech & Digital Analyst at Digital Loop.

In the Digital Analytics Team she is an expert for various topics in the field of web analytics.


Delia Modest

As a trained journalist and SEO expert, Delia writes articles for various platforms and clients. Your texts are always SEO-optimized. She develops digital marketing strategies for clients and analyzes websites for action.

Vladimir Stashevskiy

Vladimir is a digital analytics consultant and developer with a focus on business and web analytics.

He specializes in supporting SMBs and Enterprises through the implementation of scalable digital analytics infrastructures.

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