Digital Analytics

With the help of digital analytics, you collect digital data, which you then analyze and use to your advantage. The data points you use give you insight into the behavior and interests of your users and customers. From Adobe Analytics to Tag Management, our Data Analytics team can help you with your data-driven strategy and lead your marketing to success. Get to know our services in the area of digital analytics.

News: Google Universal Analytics is being phased out!

Google has put out a press announcement that Universal Analytics will stop working in 2023. Companies are advised to switch to the newest version, Google Analytics 4, as soon as possible. We help you make the transition.

Web Analytics with Google & Adobe Analytics

Expand your analytical expertise with comprehensive data analysis and processing solutions from Google and Adobe Analytics. Discover new business opportunities, increase revenue and minimize risks with our guides for data- and knowledge-based systems.

Google Analytics 4

Implement or upgrade to the newest version of Google’s popular web tracking tool. We provide expert support with custom tracking plans, e-commerce tracking and more. Explore the newest features and see how they can help your business make better decisions and grow.

Tag Management

Maintain and manage the tags of your web presence via our Tag Management System with an easy to use web interface, high measurement accuracy and a variety of advanced features. Establish an important basis for data collection of your services and user behaviour.

Reporting & Visualization

With our reporting & visualization tools you can get a better understanding of the meaning and importance of the large amount of existing data. As a result, certain patterns, trends and correlations can be identified quicker. This can be decisive for future developments and can have a long lasting impact on your business.

Data & Customer Management Platform

Optimize the work of your marketing team with innovative solutions such as Data & Customer Management Platform. It enables you to collect and to centrally analyze customer-related data from various sources, for further processing. You can therefore offer products and services that better suit your customers’ needs.

Privacy & Consent Management

User Privacy and Consent Management are essential parts of any digital marketing strategy. As a reliable partner we support you with our knowledge to make sure that all your digital marketing applications are compliant with the latest regulations of GDPR and e-Privacy.

Data Pipelines / ETLs

Safely, quickly and reliably transfer data from multiple sources and business applications to a central data warehouse for scaling and analysis. We design and build data pipelines and ETLs that are suitable for any type of application that uses data to generate important insights.

Data Aggregation

With data centralization you are able to store all data in a central and secure repository. Innovative technologies ensure that your data is not lost. Your team can participate in shared processes and workflows, and access data with automatic synchronization, even when they are on the way.

Tracking & Data Architecture

Open new opportunities for your business with our professional tracking and data architectures. Our solutions are suitable for the most modern requirements of data acquisition and management. We design conceptual and logical data models and offer you a full range of necessary technology infrastructure and important functionalities.

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Digital Analytics Consulting & Workshops

With our digital analytics training courses and workshops, your employees gain knowledge from the complete web analytics area – from the basics to detailed insights. A detailed introduction shows the different task areas around the collection, evaluation and interpretation of your user data. The main focus is on the use of modern web analytics tools for evaluating user behavior. This helps you to turn the right screws and unleash growth potential. This way, you don’t optimize in the blue, but with sound expert knowledge and subsequent visible results!

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