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We are experts in Google Analytics and support you competently in the implementation of and migration to GA4. Google Analytics 4 is the latest web tracking solution from Google.

Here you can find information about GA4 and reasons for a migration, as well as our GA4 services.

Google Analytics 4 Implementation and Consulting

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. It unifies and consolidates app & web tracking so that data can be analysed across platforms.

AI-based Cross-Device & Cross-Asset Tracking

  • Machine learning algorithms for better data analysis
  • Improved tracking of users on multiple devices

Collect data in compliance with GDPR

  • Data collection is now GDPR compliant
  • More privacy settings

And many more new features...

  • Many new reports and a whole new analytics hub
  • For incomplete data, GA4 fills in missing data via data modelling

Your partner for Google Analytics 4

We can advise you on all issues related to Google Analytics 4. Here is a list of services we offer:

Complete worry-free setup from scratch

  • Full-scale implementation of GA4 using a Tag Manager: including event tracking plan, custom event tracking, Ecommerce & User ID tracking
  • Support in exploring the new and enhanced features of Google Analytics 4 that suit your business goals

E-Commerce & UserID tracking

  • Ecommerce tracking rollout, including new GA4 Data Layer format
  • User ID implementation to analyse signed-in users, enable user exploration features and create remarking Audiences

Cross-device tracking system

  • Configuration of Cross-Device tracking inside Google Analytics 4
  • Support in understanding and implementing all available layers of cross-device tracking: User ID, Google Signals & Client ID

Parallel-tracking system

  • Implementation of Google Analytics 4 tracking in parallel to Universal Analytics to enable, re-using existing events from UA and supporting a seamless migration

Custom event tracking in GA4

  • Event tracking implementation with an underlying structured data layer
  • Custom event parameters & user-scope custom dimensions

Implementation of new GA4 reports

  • Help in exploring and configuration of new reports in GA4 relevant for your business
  • Support in learning and understanding new GA4 analysis techniques

Workshops & seminars

  • Group or 1-on-1 workshops and trainings
  • Personalised workshop content preparation based on your needs and goals

Digital Loop expert explains Google Analytics 4 in our webinar

Our expert Vladimir Stashevskiy explains what GA4 means for businesses.

Why choose GA4 instead of Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has many advantage over the previous version Universal Analytics (UA). In summary, GA4 is a good option for the future.

Google has announced that Universal Analytics will stop working in 2023

New feature development for Universal Analytics had already been stopped. Now Google has also announced that the old version will stop working next year.

No data migration from old systems possible

Data collected with Universal Analytics cannot be imported into GA4 as it is a completely new tracking system.

Chrome will stop supporting traditional cookie-based tracking

Google Chrome will soon stop supporting cookie-based tracking. As a result, Universal Analytics will no longer work without technical conversion.

See for yourself what GA4 has to offer!

As a Google partner, we provide you with the official demo of Google Analytics. It uses real data from the online store operated by Google itself.
Google Account required

Certified for your success

Your Google Analytics account is in safe hands. We are a certified agency and use our expertise to apply the latest methods to your individual project.

Our team of experts is ready to help

Vladimir Stashevskiy

  • 6+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics Expert

John Munoz

  • 10+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Tech SEO
  • Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics Expert

Wan-Yu Lee

  • 6+ years experience in Data Analytics & Market Research
  • Adobe Analytics Certified Expert

Yury Tolmadzhev

  • 10+ years experience in BI, Data Analytics & Business Development
  • Business Analysis Expert

Book a workshop for you and your team with one of our Google Analytics 4 specialists!

All workshops are customizable and aligned with your business goals. If you wish, we can use your data sets directly as examples to draw new conclusions and facilitate workflows.


Questions often arise about Google Analytics 4, as it is a new tool. We will answer them for you.

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest standard version of Google Analytics and thus the most comprehensive version of the web tracking tool from Google. It is free for the vast majority of users, but must be set up by a developer. Since there are hundreds of new features in this version, it’s important to get expert advice on how to set it up to get the most out of it for your company.

Why should I switch to Google Analytics 4 now?

In the case of new websites, the decision is an easy one to make. However, even for websites that already use Universal Analytics, GA4 is a useful investment. Since older versions will be phased out in 2023, a switch is imminent in all cases. With an early switch, more historical data can be backed up, as migration is not an option. In addition, Digital Loop has developed a solution to run both Google Analytics versions in parallel, collecting data in the new system without affecting existing processes.

What are the advantages of GA4 compared to Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has a larger feature set and is better equipped for the future. Many features that were only available to premium customers in previous versions, such as BigQuery, are unlocked for everyone with GA4. Cross-device tracking has become much more accurate through AI and can offer better data. Because GA4 takes a privacy centric approach, data privacy compliance under the GDPR is more compatible with accurate data. But the biggest advantage is that Google is actively developing GA4, while support for Universal Analytics will soon be phased out.

Are there already WordPress plugins available for GA4?

Almost all popular plugins support both GA4 and Universal Analytics. Get advice if an implementation with a plugin is possible in your case or if an installation with Google Tag Manager (recommended approach) is advisable.

How does the Google Analytics tracking code differ between GA4 and Universal Analytics?

Both versions use a Global Site Tag (gtag.js). A tracking ID from Universal Analytics is in the form UA-*******-* while Google Analytics 4 takes the structure G-**********. This allows you to see which version you are currently using on your site.

Do I have to delete my Google Analytics property to use GA4?

It is possible to run both tools in parallel. This way, existing processes can be maintained without having to forego the advantages of GA4. We provide you with competent support when setting up a parallel tracking system.

Is Google Analytics 4 still in beta?

No, Google Analytics 4 is the official version, which is strongly recommended by Google for new installations. The features are mature and there is full support from Google.

Can I implement Google Analytics 4 myself?

Yes, but you need to consider your technical skills, the complexity of your website and your expectations of what you plan to achieve with Google Analytics 4. Since consent management is a legal requirement in Europe, we do not recommend setting it up yourself. Please contact your internal IT team. Alternatively, the Digital Loop team is always available to assist you with the setup.

How can Digital Loop help with Google Analytics 4?

We are specialists for all Google Analytics 4 topics. As a Google Partner and with our Google Analytics certified team, we can help you with implementation, migration, debugging, reporting, e-commerce and many other matters. Write to us to arrange a free initial consultation.

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