Web Analytics Consulting

Does your web analytics data really reflect the user behavior? What if you’re making online marketing decisions based on flawed data? Or do you know you can mine more with the analytics tools? We as your webanalysis agentur configure, audit, & analyze your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to make sure everything’s working right!


Why Web Analytics
“What you don’t measure, you can’t optimize!”

Concrete Insights

By digital analytics, you get first-hand data of the user behavior and preference with real numbers.


User Experience & Personalization

Provide the direction to improve customer experience and also to drive conversion.

Better Manage Resources

Measure and control marketing ROI more efficiently

What We Do
How does Web Analytic Agency Munich support your company?

Analytics Scoping

Based on your business goals and objectives, we evaluate different analytics alternatives and select a solution that is right for you.


Analytics Audit

As a web analytics agency we check the current status of your web analytics to see if your data is reliable and where the space for improvement.


Setup & Debugging

Whether you already use a analytics tool or want to start from scratch – we develop a suitable tracking concept, implement the tool, provide continuous support and fix bugs.

Analytics Interpretation

You will receive support in evaluating your figures so that your web analysis tools, e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, actually provide you with valuable insights.


Trainings & Workshops

We provide on-site training of your team with latest knowledge of the industry and best practices in the area of tracking and web analysis.

Our Expertise in Web Analytics

Meet your team of Web Analytics


Yury Tolmadzhev

  • 10+ years experience in BI, Data Analytics & Business Development
  • Business Analysis Expert

Wan-Yu Lee

  • 6+ years experience in Data Analytics & Market Research
  • Adobe Analytics Certified Expert

John Munoz

  • 10+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Tech SEO
  • Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics Expert

Vladimir Stashevskiy

  • 6+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics Expert

Book a workshop for you and your team with one of our web analytics specialists!

All workshops are customizable and aligned with your business goals. If you wish, we can use your data sets directly as examples to draw new conclusions and facilitate workflows.

Case Sharing

Case: Web Analytics Audit & Debugging

Client: a well-known transportation service provider
Tool: Google Analytics

    • Implemented custom event tracking on SPAs (Single Page Application)
    • Implemented custom dimension and custom metric
    • Troubleshooted self-referring issue 
    • Solved issue of missing traffic, identified the real traffic sources ( Cut the unknown “Direct/none” traffic resource from 98% to 50%)

Google Analytics Debugging – Before

Google Analytics Debugging – After

Case: Tracking Concept, Analytics Audit & Training

Client: a well-known insurance company
Tool: Adobe Analytics

    • Audit Adobe analytics setting
    • Align tracking plan and troubleshoot
    • Answer business questions – why user drops – based on Adobe Analytics numbers
    • Adobe Analytics Workshop / Training

Frequently asked questions regarding Web Analytics

What are the main benefits of web analytics tools?

Get a better understanding of your online visitors by using web analytics tools such as Google or Adobe Analytics. With these, you can find out what content is viewed by users and which internal links they frequently click on. A wide range of metrics is available, which enables you to assess the success of your digital marketing strategies. This, in turn, allows you to adjust your content and measures perfectly to your target group. After all, if your customers feel understood, you will increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Web Analytics for online shops: what do I need to analyse?

Web analytics is essential for online shops. By understanding the behaviour of your customers, you can define appropriate strategies to increase your sales. This is why you should be familiar with your key figures.

By monitoring the frequency of impressions on your website, you will get a sense of how efficient your content is. Apart from that, you should also keep an eye on your five most viewed pages. You can derive the average order value, if you know the number of orders. Finally, we advise you to be aware of the number of page visitors within the last three months.

What do I find out about my target group with web analytics?

With Google- or Adobe Analytics, you can collect a great amount of data about your target group. Among others, these include:

  • The number of your users (new and returning)
  • Number of sessions per user – Number of page views of a user, per session
  • The length of time users stay on your site
  • The Bounce Rate

Additionally, you can find out about the location and the preferred languages of your users, as well as obtain information about the operating system and devices (mobile vs. desktop) used by your target group.

With this data, our analytics experts can draw an initial overview of your target group. Combined with other data, this provides valuable insights about your customers.

How are Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics different?

Google and Adobe Analytics are two web analytics tools that have established a strong presence within the market. The two are similar in their basic functions and are perfectly suited for tracking and evaluating web data. Both tools have specific features that could be relevant for your project:

  • Google Analytics is free, as opposed to Adobe Analytics (unless you choose the premium version).
  • Adobe Analytics offers customer support, whilst Google Analytics doesn’t.
  • Adobe Analytics is much more difficult to implement than Google Analytics.
  • With Google Analytics you cannot integrate a CRM.
  • Tracking users (pathing) is more challenging to implement on Google Analytics, than on Adobe Analytics

If you are unsure which web analytics tool is best for you, please contact us. We will advise you on suitable analytics solutions as part of our non-binding offer.

As a certified Adobe Analytics agency, how does Digital Loop support me?

As a full service agency, you can count on us for everything ranging from the planning stage to the implementation and on-going support. Our experts will always have your business goals and requirements in mind and will support you in finding the most suitable analytics solution.

We will review your previous web analyses and optimise them if necessary. As a certified Google and Adobe Analytics agency, we are familiar with all common analytics tools. Do you already have data but do not know how to interpret it? Our analytics professionals help you with the aggregation and evaluation of your data. This will will provide you with valuable insights.

Are you interested in further educating yourself and your employees through a Google or Adobe Analytics training? Our experienced specialists will instruct you and your team. Please do not hesitate contacting us!

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