B2B Leadgeneration

Successful lead generation increases visibility for potential customers and is therefore very important for new customer acquisitions.

Would you like to generate relevant leads for your sales department? We are happy to help you with the strategic planning of your marketing measures and optimization of your website for more B2B leads!

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Digital B2B lead generation for more sales

Lead generation is generally about acquiring contact data of potential customers and interested parties from the target group via various marketing measures. In the B2B sector, companies need to set targeted benchmarks, since their professional competencies as problem solvers are particularly crucial for long-term customer loyalty.

In the B2B sector, leads are no longer generated only via traditional communication channels, but increasingly digitally via the website, social media channels and newsletters. For digital leads, it is important to reach customers at all target group-relevant touchpoints in the customer journey. Measures in the areas of content marketing, advertising and search engine optimization are particularly well suited for this purpose. With clear and factual information, you can convince potential customers and interested parties of your company as a competent contact for their needs.

For successful lead generation, the content of your website and social media channels must be geared to the needs of your customers and offer them added value.

Use effective B2B lead generation for your new customer acquisition to increase your sales and make relevant contacts!

Our services in the field of B2B lead generation

Content Marketing Consulting & Planning

We advise you on all aspects of content marketing.

  • Where is the potential?
  • Who is the target group?
  • What are users looking for?

Our content managers help you create market- and channel-specific content so that you reach your customers at all touchpoints in the customer journey.

Social Media Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing ads offer a major advantage. Target groups can be specifically addressed using demographic and psychographic data. With the right advertising message, you thus create additional awareness for your company.

Our team knows the relevant platforms and supports you in designing individual ads.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

With search engine advertising (SEA), you position your service optimally in popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Our SEA experts will develop a strategy with you that will attract the attention of your customers. We then establish detailed reporting for you and use this as a basis for optimizing your search engine ads.


Which measures can be applied in digital lead generation?

Measures in the area of content marketing, advertising, social media, mailings or (online) events are often used for digital lead generation.

What are the different types of leads?

In lead generation, there are 3 different types of leads: MQL, SAL and SQL. MQL stands for Marketing Qualified Lead, a contact that was acquired via marketing measures. A Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) is a lead that is transferred from the marketing department of a company to the sales department. As soon as the potential customer shows a particularly high level of interest in the company’s products or services in the decision-making phase, this is referred to as a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

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What legal requirements must be observed in lead generation?

If mailings are used for lead generation, the recipient’s consent must be obtained in order to avoid data protection infringement. Our experts also take legal requirements into account while generating leads and will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Weitere Bereiche, in denen wir spezialisiert sind

Google & Adobe Analytics

Erweitern Sie Ihr analytisches Know-how mit umfangreichen Lösungen von Adobe und Google Analytics für die Analyse und Verarbeitung von Daten. Als zertifizierte Google Analytics Agentur unterstützen wir Sie dabei, neue Möglichkeiten für Ihr Geschäft zu entdecken, Umsätze dauerhaft zu steigern und Risiken deutlich zu minimieren.

Datenschutz & Consent

Der Datenschutz und die Verwaltung der Einwilligung der Nutzer sind grundlegende Bestandteile jeder digitalen Marketingstrategie. Als zuverlässige Partner unterstützen wir Sie mit unserem Wissen, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Ihre digitalen Marketing Anwendungen den neuesten DSGVO- und e-Privacy Richtlinien entsprechen.

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