Performance Marketing

Achieve targeted success on the Internet with quantifiable actions.

Advertising campaigns can be expensive, is it worth it though? As an entrepreneur, performance marketing provides you with clear indicators to analyze and evaluate your marketing success, at any time.


Increase your visibility on the web with Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing and what is it used for?

The term “performance marketing” stands for advertising measures that have measurable outcomes (e.g. number of purchases, registrations, etc.). Hence, performance marketing differs from traditional marketing campaigns in many ways.

All performance marketing actions are supported by data and the results are transparent and traceable.

Performance marketing campaigns are continuously optimized according to the obtained insights.


How does Performance Marketing help your business?

Target your customers through digital channels, such as search engines or social media, with the help of performance marketing. 

As a company, you receive a lot of data in the course of a campaign regarding the effectiveness of the applied actions. This is because the defined KPIs are measurable, which enables you to optimize your strategy. 

As an experienced performance marketing agency from Munich, we support you on your way to the cost-efficient marketing of the future.

Our performance marketing experts: growth360

Your growth is our motivation! We develop and support individual and cross-channel campaigns for your company. Our experienced project managers always have your goals, brand and customers in mind. In addition to detailed analyses and careful implementation, continuous optimization guarantees the sustainable success of the measures.

Christine Waldmann

Managing Director of growth360

As a subsidiary of Digital Loop, the performance marketing agency growth360 is one of our long-term partners.

What we do

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

You can position your service on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, by using Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

With our SEA experts, you will develop a strategy that helps attract your customers’ attention. Based on the detailed reporting we are going to prepare for you, your advertisements will be optimized.

Social Media Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing ads offer a major advantage: based on demo- and psychographic data, target audiences can be directly addressed

With the right campaign, you are able to create more exposure for your company. Our team is familiar with the relevant platforms and supports you in designing your individual advertisements. 


Retargeting (over Google & Facebook)

When website visitors show interest in a product or service, they can be re-addressed through retargeting.

Our experts develop a well thought-out retargeting strategy including consultation on landing pages and advertisement tools. We analyze, implement, and optimize the strategy and create a detailed reporting system.

Display Performance Ads

We recommend using Display Performance Ads to awake the interest of your customers through visual elements. Our experts design and manage your targeted campaigns to reach your target audience.

Your campaigns are centrally administered and continuously optimized through the Google Display and Microsoft Advertising Network.

Google Shopping

Thanks to Google Shopping, your online store can be connected to the most powerful search engine in the world. Through shopping campaigns you can also advertise your products

Our team is going to develop a campaign setup that is tailored to your products. After the implementation, the actions will be constantly monitored and adjusted to generate the maximum number of sales.

SEA Audit: how we improve the performance of your SEA campaigns

SEA Audit delivers the insights that you need to improve the success of your campaigns. Your SEA activities can only be successful if your Google or Microsoft Ads account is granularly and professionally set up. By hiring us as independent experts, we are going to help you achieve more visibility in search engines in only five steps:

Step 1: Target Setting

Target Setting

To begin with, we will set goals for your search engine advertising activities. Together, we will then translate them into measurable KPIs and tangible objectives.

Step 2: Account Analysis

Account Analysis

In the next step we will check whether your ad-accounts are optimally set up. The focus here is primarily put on your general account settings.

Step 3: Campaign Audit

Campaign Audit

Once your account settings have been examined, we will go through your active campaigns. This is where (negative)keywords, search terms and ad-texts will be revised.

Step 4: Recommended actions

Recommended actions

Based on our findings, we will derive a precise plan for action. We will provide an overview of effective measures that will bring you closer to your goals.

Step 5: Documentation & Training

Documentation & Training

Following the audit, you will receive documentation on our findings and information regarding the optimization of your campaigns. Thus, you will benefit from our consulting services in the future, as well. Additionally, by booking a training session with us, you will have the possibility to extend the skills of your employees.

Do you have further questions regarding Performance Marketing?

Which KPIs are measured in performance marketing campaigns?

Performance marketing can be used to measure a number of key indicators. These typically include clicks, traffic or conversions. An example of the clicks would be the click-through rate. On the other hand, conversions include the conversion rate, which can tell you the percentage of website visitors that make a purchase on your site.

In the field of social media marketing, the engagement rate has to be taken into account, as it measures the extent to which your target group interacts with your content. If you want to evaluate the performance of your search engine marketing, it is worth tracking your ranking on Google. Are you unsure which key figures are important for your campaigns? We are happy to advise you!

Does one buy clicks with Performance Marketing?

Yes and no.

The conventional “1,000 clicks for your website” is often offered by unreliable agencies and freelancers. This can damage your website and your company in the long-term.

In Performance Marketing, people often try to increase the traffic of their website. However, according to the “money for clicks” principle, there won’t be immediate results, as website clicks usually originate from your potential customers, which are the ones you offer added value to on your website. As a performance marketing agency, we will stand by your side to make your offer as interesting and multifaceted, as possible.

Which advertising measures are included in Performance Marketing?

  • There are many advertising measures that belong to performance marketing, as it essentially includes every advertising tool that is measurable. Please take a look at our glossary, if you are looking for more information about the individual measures. Are you interested in talking directly to an expert? Please get in contact with us.

How does Google Ads work?

By paying for Google Ads, you can make your website appear amongst the top search results in Google. For this, a Google Ads account must be created and linked to a payment option. Subsequently, you can manage your campaigns. In this regard, you enter keywords for which your ads should be placed. Google evaluates these on an on-going basis and decides which user will see your ads. The quality of your ad texts and descriptions also determine your position in the search results.

Every time a user clicks on your ads, you pay a small fee to Google Ads. Contact us, if you would like assistance with this.

Are there specific tools for Performance Marketing?

Yes, with Google Analytics or Adobe Site Catalyst you can measure traffic and other KPIs of your website. You can use the platform’s own analytics tools from Facebook, Instagram or Xing, if you are looking for KPIs for your social media campaigns.

The Google Search Console supports you in search engine optimization. Our professionals know all relevant tools and support you in making the right choice.

Other areas we specialize in

Content Marketing

Performance marketing rarely works alone. As a subfield of online marketing, it is interlinked with and dependent on other advertising campaigns. Content marketing is an important discipline that goes hand in hand with performance marketing. Do you want to build or optimize your web content to target groups? Our team will support you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands for all the measures used to improve the ranking of websites in search engines. SEO is a subfield of search engine marketing and is classified as a long-term effective marketing strategy. We provide comprehensive consulting in this sector – from the editorial to Tech-SEO.

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