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With our experience, know-how and implementation strength to your successful online store.

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What a good online shop means for you…

  • Flexibility
  • Sales Optimization
  • Online Marketing Opportunities
  • Individualization
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Subscription Products/ Items
  • Bundles
  • Coupons
  • Individualized Email Campaigns
  • Shopping Worlds
  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • Individual Solutions

Take advantage of these and many other features to provide your customers the perfect shopping experience. Ensure greater customer loyalty and increasing sales.

The future solution for your e-commerce business

There are a number of shopsystems, which one can choose from: Magento, Oxid, own Drupal based solutions, and many more. Then there is Shopware. This German company revolutionized the industry. There are now thousands of Shopware shops worldwide, which are easy to use and they are constantly being developed. Given their flexibility, they provide the perfect solutions needed for your business. It is crucial for an online shop to find the best solutions that meet your special and unique requirements. You can have your own sales opportunities, your own customer journeys, your own landing pages and most importantly, your own interfaces to the programs used in the service, IT, warehouse and CRM.

Shopware – made in Germany – offers the perfect opportunities.

Digital Loop:
Certified Shopware Agency in the Heart of Munich

As an online shop agency specialized in Shopware, we would like to support you in these areas. Our specialized plugin developers build individual solutions, our marketing experts ensure traffic on your site and our conversion optimizers convert the traffic into profit.

We support your Shopware shop in these scenarios:

Shop setup from scratch

Are you planning on launching a new online shop to sell (inter)nationally via Internet? Not only do we know what’s important for your shop and have the know-how for it, we also know the frequently committed mistakes that would result in a significant decline of your revenue. These mistakes can be avoided with us.

Migration of the Shop System

We know that moving, in general, is not easy. This is why we will save your data from Magento, Oxid or Drupal, build or rebuild your shop’s infrastructure and ensure a smooth transition.

Relaunch of a Shops

Does your dusty online shop need a fresh coat of paint after a few years? We support you in the planning and implementation process and optimize your shop based on existing data with regard to performance and revenue.

Ongoing Shop Support

Is your shop suddenly down and you have to witness how you are losing money minute by minute? Do you feel like your shop is just not working? We will take care of the support, technology, back ups, security and discover hidden and unused potential which result in obstacles in the performance.

Shopware Schulungen

Do you want a competent team of experts in-house? We provide full and professional Shopware training, to maximize your efficiency.

Shopware Agency Munich Expertise

We take care of your entire project.

We examine your case from all perspectives and uncover angles and dark corners that were previously neglected but have prevented you from achieving your true potential.

Like a good doctor does a health check before choosing the treatment, we thoroughly check your online shop. During this process, we often unveil unexpected findings, which were not suspected of negatively influencing your sales and performance. We will take care of the following core aspects of your online shop:

Emergency Support

We’re there for you if you need us, even in an emergency. With us your shop is in good hands.

Conversion Optimisation

Through A-/B-tests and data analysis we can design your shop and ensure that as many people as possible reach the highest possible shopping cart value and become loyal supporters of your brand.


Who wants an ordinary shop that does not stand out? Our development team builds the layout of your Shopware business, according to your ideas and specifications.

Connection to your ERP

In professional companies all data streams flow into one place. We make sure that your shop’s data can be viewed centrally. This way you can make quick decisions, whilst your competitors are still busy with CSV export alignment.

Individual Plugin Development

Sometimes you may want more from your web shop. You may intend to give your customers more options and give your team more simplicity. Exactly this is possible with Shopware plugins. Our team of developers will program them according to your specifications.


What’s better than stable and unpaid traffic on your shop? With extensive SEO measures including competition and potential analysis, we direct interested visitors to your shop.

International Business

Your business is not limited in Germany? We are internationally established ourselves and understand your ambitions. We prepare your shop to do business internationally. Impeccable technical implementation is the key to success.


Data Migration

Data is the currency of the 21st Century and it is more important in e-commerce than anywhere else. If you want to migrate data from A to B, we will take care of it. We know that data is the foundation of a successful Shopware online shop.

Interface Programming

Obviously you work with several tools within the company. Over the years, numerous processes have been developed, which employees have become accustomed to. To avoid having a revolution of your working methods, we will program interfaces to your systems.

Shopware 6 

Shopware is always striving to further develop itself, which makes working with it sustainable and safe.

The company launched the new Shopware Version 6, in 2019.


Shopware 6

What our experts are saying:

  • Most advanced technologies and greater possibilities for individual customer journeys
  • New API-First Strategy simplifies interfaces with other tools
  • Improved usability for support and easier for customers
  • For any business model – whether B2B or B2C
  • For different sales channels or frontends
  • For e-commerce in the cloud or on premise
  • Extremely performant and scalable

    Case Study Shopware – “Hemden.de”:

    By implementing a new structure in the Shopware shop, sales increased by 130% within a few weeks.

    Our conclusion on Shopware 6

    Centralized and fast control for maximum revenue alignment
    Shopware 6 is more powerful and with a clear response to the changes taking place in the online business in the near future, the focus is on people – merchants, customers as well as programmers in maximum freedom.

    Shopware 6 – a big and groundbreaking step
    The system has been developed on a new and modern technical basis, which promises great freedom to merchants. Thus, all online store projects are feasible and can be connected with all channels. Continuous networking and automation, headless e-commerce and API First make up this flexibility. As of version 6, Shopware is no longer just a store system. From now on, one can speak of a universal e-commerce system.

    Looking to the future
    If you want to master the balancing act from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, or if you want to take the step into the future without any problems, we will be happy to help you. Because in this case, it is certainly not to your disadvantage to seek advice here from an experienced Shopware agency.

    With a partner you can trust, you can take the decisive step into your successful e-commerce future or stay on the ball with your successful concept. Digital Loop is at your side!

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Shopware

    How much does the Shopware Software cost?

    The Shopware license varies according to the customers’ needs and wishes. There are three basic licenses and there are additional costs for installation and configuration. Shopware offers a variety of templates, which can be used for free for your own shop. 

    The basic licenses are divided into three versions:

    • Shopware Professional (around 1.295€)
    • Shopware Professional Plus (around 5.999€)
    • Shopware Enterprise (price on request)

    What does the "Business Partner" certificate mean?

    Shopware Business Partners, who implement eCommerce projects, that are trained and certified by Shopware Inc. 

    Shopware Business Partners have extensive knowledge and in-depth skills with using the Shopware shop system. Business Partners have to take an exam to demonstrate and certify their knowledge and skills, before they can call themselves Shopware Business Partners and use the Shopware Business Partner logo. Digital Loop is a certified Shopware Business Partner.

    Which advantages do Shopware Plugins have and are they necessary?

    Shopware plugins are a good way of boosting your shop.

    Shopware plugins offer unique functions which individualize a shop to make it stand out from its competition. Plugins simplify and automate complex processes. Their use is not necessary, as the standard Shopware licenses provide numerous basic functions.

    How much does the customized Plugin cost?

    The price of the customized Shopware plugin is as individual as the plugin itself. 

    Depending on the complexity and the level of difficulty of each plugin, the time spent on planning, implementation, support and deployment, must be calculated. As a certified Shopware Agency in Munich, we have already programmed several Shopware plugins and will find the most cost-efficient solution for you.

    Why should I have an individual Shopware template?

    You want to show your customers your shop’s best side? Then avoid using standard templates, as they do not reflect the uniqueness of your services.

    To really stand out from your competitors and establish a strong brand, you should offer your customers an online shop design that reflects your strengths, your mission, your vision and your passion. We are happy to advise you in this.

    Unterstützt Shopware auch SEO?

    With Shopware there are a number of possible SEO methods

    Fundamentally, the entire search engine optimization repertoire is available to you. Due to the flexibility of the system, you can optimize Shopware in a way that would probably not be possible with any other shop system. Therefore, using Shopware does not only offer simplified internal processes, stability and performance, but also unique marketing strategies.

    Turn your online shop into a space where customers like to spend time and become your fans.

    With Shopware and our help, all this is possible!

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