IT & Infrastructure

The use of cloud computing is almost unlimited from small businesses or individuals with limited infrastructure, all the way to big enterprises that need complex IT solutions. We, in Digital-Loop, offer a wide range of cloud services: From virtual machines, storage, web development, managed databases to IoT, AI satellite communications and so on. Our IT infrastructure design is built for scalability, high availability in the most cost effective way.

Project Management

Do you want to detect errors early on in the implementation of your projects and quickly respond to your customers’ needs? With agile project management, this is possible. Our Scrum project managers are at your disposal and support you in setting up agile processes in your company.

Cloud Infrastructure & IT

Gain more independence through a serverless, cloud-based infrastructure and benefit from the maximum data and system stability. Our cloud architects are specialised in all major cloud providers. As Google Cloud Partners, we will secure you space in the cloud and enable you to easily scale your business.

Web & Software Development

With our professional solutions around web development it’s possible to create simple as well as complex web presences. We realize projects, from concept creation to development of an executable application. We guarantee the use of the latest technologies as well as the reliability and efficiency of the final product.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

We define your workflows with our professional solutions for Continuous Integration & Delivery. Your web applications are automatically tested by us. Your developers will be supported by our systems in troubleshooting, detecting and fixing bugs and we will provide you with instant feedback.

Micro-Services & Evolutionary Architecture

Many applications can be developed and updated more efficiently thanks to our advanced Microservices & Evolutionary Architecture services. This enables you to easily implement minor functionalities and integrate them into the existing system without needing to undergo extensive adaptations.

Organisational Development

We guide you through the complex processes of organisational development to facilitate the reorganisation and redesign of your business. The primary focus here is on the digitalisation of all business processes. We allow you to introduce significant changes in your business processes.

Rapid Prototyping

With our Rapid Prototyping solutions we offer our customers prefabricated models of the end product. In this, not only the user interface is designed, but also all processes and interactions according to your specified requirements are included. This allows you to already carry out improvements during the development stage.

Clean Code & Test Driven Development

Within the scope of our Clean Code & Test Driven Development we carry out several tests of the developed applications, which allows to examine its individual features step by step. This results in a more flexible and extended code, which can be easily modified.

Legacy Re-Engineering

We modernise all your existing applications to meet new and future-oriented demands. This also allows us to improve, scale and extend projects that had been developed in the past by various teams.

Simplified Development Processes

Simplify the development of applications with Cloud Architecture & DevOps. We offer ready-to-use solutions for the automation and monitoring of all phases of software development. This shortens development cycles and makes software distribution more efficient, which leads to increased productivity.


Data protection and privacy is always a priority for our clients and for us here at Digital-Loop. As Google Cloud partners we offer you a wide range of security services for your requests. Digital Loop serves clients from Dax 30, which means protecting sensitive workloads whilst achieving and maintaining compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

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With our knowledge in advanced technologies, the infrastructure of your company can be modernized and entirely digitized. We use a set of professional solutions to cover a wide range of services. The focus in this is on centralized data management and development of extensible applications.

Digital Loop – Modern Infrastructure-Solution for your IT

Consulting & Workshops

At our IT & Infrastructure Workshops, we provide you with additional information on how to drive forward the digitization and modernization of your company’s entire infrastructure. The focus is on different aspects and IT solutions. Fundamental technical changes are addressed, as well as the relevant steps for the conversion of the development process.

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