Customer Data Platform Consulting

Manage and gather important information about your customers in a database with a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Based on this, you can create customer segments and behavioural patterns and deploy to appeal to your customers in a targeted manner. Would you like to set up a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for your company? Our analytics experts know the intricacies of the field and can support you in achieving your business goals.


Make the most of your data sets with a Customer Data Platform

Reliable insights of your target group

You can break down your data silos with a customer data platform. It enables you to segment your target group and tailor marketing campaigns to meet the requirements of your customers. Additionally, you also get insights into your customer journey.


More efficiency due intelligent infrastructure

A customer data platform allows you to customise your marketing. This saves you money, increases the conversion rate and achieves more long-term customers. Moreover, you can automate your measures and thereby increase your efficiency.

Democratization of important data

Share your first, second and third-party data with all your internal stakeholders and create a valuable source of information for all departments and improve the targeting of your marketing campaigns.

Smart use of a Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform offers numerous possibilities to render your marketing straightforward and more efficient. To run a CDP you need data points that you collect from your target group at different stages. The data is subsequently aggregated to generate valuable insights from it. Based on this, you can reach your customers in a targeted manner.

Holistic and demand-driven: our consulting approach

1. First Audit

In the first step, our experts analyse your MarTech stack and review your previous data management – we always keep an eye on the organisation of your business.

2. Vendor Screening

We select a suitable provider for your customer data platform with your requirements in mind. As an independent agency, we are not affiliated with any CDP providers.

3. Define Use Cases

Before the implementation, we define the use cases of your customer data platform with you. These include, among others, personalisation, marketing automation and bidding strategies.


4. Solution Design

Our team subsequently elaborates a concept for the implementation of your use cases. We always keep your business goals in mind.

5. Implementation

Based on the developed concept, our experts implement the Customer Data Platform. This includes the configuration of tools and connectors.

6. Connect a Data Warehouse

Once you have collected customer data in a data warehouse, you can integrate them into the Customer Data Platform. By doing so, you increase the data density and generate synergy effects.

7. Roll-out Use Cases

After the technological implementation of the Customer Data Platform, we roll-out your use cases in a targeted fashion.

8. ROI Measurement

To evaluate the success of the Customer Data Platform, we determine the ROI of the applied actions. Based on this, we then adjust the strategy and set your marketing on track.

Well-known Customer Data Platform Providers

Our Customer Data Platform Team


John Munoz

  • 10+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Tech SEO
  • Customer Data Platform Expert
  • Project experience with Commanders Act

Wan-Yu Lee

  • 6 years experience in Data analytics & Market Research
  • Commanders Act certified

Vladimir Stashevskiy

  • 6 years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing
  • Certified in Commanders Act

Yury Tolmadzhev

  • 10+ years of experience in BI, Data Analytics & Business Development

What can a customer data platform achieve?

  • personalized content marketing using data collections from different platforms
  • Uniform monitoring of the marketing stack as well as CRM, analytics, email marketing and ads
  • Improving the user experience, increasing the engagement rate
  • Enables an increase in the number of visitors and in the online inquiries of the website
  • Lead generation through personalized targeting
  • Tracking of user behavior for the development of relevant software solutions
  • Creation of relevant content via Evergage’s machine learning platform
  • Enabled a higher engagement rate, optimization of the user experience and an increase in sales
  • Increase the CTR and increase the conversion rate
  • Central data collection, support of the target group in real time and personalization to increase the engagement rate and conversions
  • Lower CPA, improvements in targeting and personalization

Case Study:

Use Case: Roll-out and maintenance of a CDP

Client: a well-known online lottery 
Tool: Tealium CDP

  • We build a customised MarTech solution design with audience stream and multi-channel data.
  • Our team improved the user experience and conversion rate using segmentation for performance marketing channels (email, push notifications, display, …)
  • Finally, we implemented on-page personalisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which companies can a Customer Data Platform be useful?

As the business model of most companies is not profitable immediately after the first sale, returning customers are necessary for commercial success. For this reason, customer loyalty and the management of existing customers is often the number one priority.

A customer data platform offers numerous advantages in this regard: get a detailed and comprehensive view of your customers, and thus generate valuable insights into your customer base. If you segment your existing customers you can design customised email campaigns or voucher promotions and thereby retain your target group.

A customer data platform is therefore particularly suited for companies that focus on long-term customer loyalty in their business model. Our experts have your requirements in mind and will work with you to develop a tailor-made concept. Contact us for a non-binding consultation!

What data sources are used for CDPs?

A customer data platform is designed for all kinds of data. All empirically measurable data can therefore be integrated. Nevertheless, certain data sources are commonly used for Customer Data Platforms. 

These include:

  • Transactional data from e-Commerce and management systems.
  • Behavioural data on clicks, interactions and pages visited.
  • Profile data, such as contact details and opt-ins; these are often enriched by customers themselves.
  • ERP and PIM data, which provide information on stock and pricing

As a well-experienced marketing agency, we identify your requirements and support you in the choice of suitable data sources.

What is Visitor Stitching (Tealium)?

To implement personalised and targeted multichannel campaigns, you must have a complete overview of your customer’s behaviour across all devices. Tealium’s Visitor Stitching can give you these insights. 

Customer data flows into the Customer Data Platform from multiple data sources (smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.). Separate visitor profiles are maintained for each channel. When the identity of the customer is determined in different channels, the attributes from each profile are merged into a new master profile. This automated process is called “visitor stitching“. 

The new master profile enables the measurement of specific customer behaviour across different channels. This, in turn, allows the segmentation of your target groups and increases the extent of personalisation of your marketing activities. 

Do you also want to benefit from Visitor Stitching? Our consultants are well acquainted with the CDP Tealium and its numerous features.

How does a Customer Data Platform differ from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

The two systems primarily differ in their functionalitiesCRMs are designed for the direct interaction with a customer. Underlying data, such as the name and email address, is usually manually entered and is not adapted over a long period of time. Moreover, CRM systems do not collect large amounts of data from different sources.

The main difference compared to the Customer Data Platform: a CDP combines all types and sources of customer data and makes them usable. Some of the information comes from external sources or is simply unstructured. A CDP organises these data points and opens up comprehensive insights to understand the own target group. 

Are you unsure which system is the most suitable for your distribution? Contact us for non-binding consultation.

How does Digital Loop support you in Customer Data Platform?

From the audit to the roll-out – our experts always advise you in a holistic manner. We review your data management, define use cases and implement the customer data platform. Our team implements the proposed measures and supports you in the on-going maintenance of your data. We thereby focus on increasing the ROI and thus evaluate the success of the measures taken. If necessary, we can adjust the strategy. In our consulting, we are entirely impartial to the CDP provider.

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