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Without data, you only have an opinion – and that is not enough anymore.

The days in which marketers were able to rely on their gut feeling and experience are over. MarTech gives you new insights and takes communication with your customers to a whole new level.


MarTech: more efficiency thanks to technology


What is MarTech?

Two words merge into one: MarTech is the combination of marketing and technology. The term comprises all technological measures and tools that support you in achieving your marketing goals

From email automation to marketing analytics: the areas of application of MarTech are countless.

How can you profit from MarTech?

MarTech helps you increase the efficiency of your marketing activities. With the help of marketing automation, you reduce your costs. With a CDP (Customer Data Platform) you create transparency about your customer segments and thus increase your sales.

Our MarTech consultants strengthen your marketing teams and support you in building a tailored MarTech stack.

Our services in MarTech

Marketing & Sales Tech Stack

  • Implementation of an individual Tech Stack
  • Supply of DMP, CDP, a Marketing Data Warehouse and much more
  • Ensure the seamless performance and Cross Device & Channel Tracking

Conversion & Lead Generation

  • Increase of your conversion conversions and leads based on data-driven approaches
  • Optimation of your funnel  through A/B testing and personalisation
  • Performance of UX tests to improve the user experience

Automation & Customer Nurture

  • Automation of standard marketing processes  including mailing, targeting and segmentation
  • Establishment of customer journeys to convert interested people into customers
  • On-going analysis of user behaviour

A complete and tailor-made solution:
our consulting-approach

1. Initial Analysis

In an initial marketing audit our MarTech experts identify possibilities for optimisation and use cases, by closely cooperating with you.


2. Strategy Development

Our team will design a strategy based on your use cases. The emphasis is put on the long-lasting and target-oriented use of marketing technologies.

3. Solution Design

Subsequently, we will work out a technological solution. According to your requirements, we select and combine the most adequate and efficient MarTech tools (e.g. DMP, CDP, Data Warehouse).

4. Implementation

Our MarTech experts will implement the selected tools. We guarantee a ready-to-use infrastructure with the complete control of costs.


5. Success Evaluation

The main advantage of MarTech is the total transparency of the outcome of the applied strategies. If required, we will adjust the chosen measures to bring your marketing activities back on track.


Our consultants support and teach your employees the relevant processes and methodologies, from the beginning. As a result, you will be able to acquire profound knowledge on marketing technologies within your company.

Stake Holder Management

No matter whether assistant or head of department, in order to gain support for new structures within a company, all stakeholders must be involved right from the beginning. We incorporate all stakeholder perspectives from the planning stage onwards. During the implementation phase, we ensure that different interests are reconciled.


Why Digital Loop?

The on-going digitisation poses new challenges for all companies. As an agency, we have made it to our goal to assist our customers in long-term partnerships during this process. We adopt a holistic approach: in our consultancy, we include all departments of the company. 


Managing Director & MarTech Expert

Frequently Asked Questions in MarTech

What is a MarTech Stack?

A MarTech Stack represents the combination of all IT solutions used for marketing purposes by a team or company. The chosen IT tools are optimally coordinated and complement one another in their functions. 

Nowadays there are numerous technologies such as Crawler & Web Scrapper, Customer Relationship Systems or Analytic Tools. As per the MarTech Stack Landscape of April 2020, there are already more than 8,000 MarTech solutions on the market – and there are many more to come. Therefore, it is advisable for marketers to constantly keep an eye on their business objectives and to select used tools based on them.

As a MarTech agency based in Munich, we will support you in implementing your customized MarTech Stack. We spot unnecessary programs and guarantee an absolute cost efficiency.

What does the concept of ‘Marketing Automation’ mean?

Marketing Automation is a tool that enables companies to automate their marketing and sales activities. It enables you to prioritise different marketing tasks, which can be automated using a software platform

The most common field of applications is sending emails, segmentation of leads and the publication of social media posts. Through automation you will save a lot of time, money, workload and increase your ROI at the same time. 

Our MarTech experts are familiar with the best practices and will show how you can benefit from marketing automation.

How can the range of MarTech tools used be reduced?

In terms of the number of MarTech applications used, the motto is: less is more, as too many software products lead to a superficial use of tools. Moreover, valuable information cannot be consolidated, which results in losing the overview of your data. For an entrepreneur, it is very important to keep track the number of tools that are being used

To optimise your existing IT landscape, you should first get an overview of your software applications. In the best case, you should organise the tools used in the steps of your customer journey. Subsequently, you should ask yourself which applications are rarely or never used? Which licences can you combine in one contract to save money? Are all platforms GDPR-compliant? Based on this, you can deduce recommendations to make your IT landscape both leaner and more efficient.

Our MarTech consultants will check your MarTech stack and identify potential savings. This way, you will save on licensing costs for applications you do not need, on the long-term.

Is data driven marketing replacing human creativity?

Despite the advance of data driven marketing and marketing technologies, human creativity is indispensable for successful campaigns. At least that’s what most marketing experts believe. 

In spite of technological change, it must not be forgotten that brand-related communication is all about appealing to people. Marketing is all about overcoming perception barriers to embed messages. Psychological research has shown that not only rationality but also emotions should be addressed.

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