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UX Synthetic Test

You do your best at SEO, performance marketing and other digital marketing efforts, to encourage your user to involve in key user workflow, such as signing up an account or creating a quotation by filing the requirement details. However, what if the application is broken, when the user is using mobile? How can we test the application automatically and put ourselves in users’ shoes, to ensure the UX?
Datadog Synthetics can be the answer for this question.
We take care of your key website application, before it is too late!


What is Datadog Synthetic Test?

Datadog, the leading cloud monitoring and analytics provider, offers the automated website-testing solution — Synthetic Browser & API Test.

Synthetic Browser-Test helps the business owners verify that key user workflows, such as signing up for a new account.
Synthetic API-Test checks not only that the applications are up and responding to requests, but whether any defined conditions are met, such as response time, HTTP response code, and header or body contents.

In short, Datadog Synthetic Test allows you to observe how your systems are performing as experienced by the users!

How does Datadog Synthetic Test benefit your business

Monitor critical user journeys

Run tests in the frequency you decided

Save resources with AI powered tests


Detect performance issues for different locations & devices

Fast root cause analysis and troubleshooting with APM integration

How does Digital Loop support you?

Full service from implementation to consulting by an official Datadog partner

Solution Plan

Make the automatic marketing tests plan fit to your business needs and budget.



We setup the tests in best practice and maintain them for you.



Troubleshoot and do necessary adjustment to avoid next alert.

Dashboard Setup

Design dashboards for your ease to monitor.


Strategy Consulting

We provide interpretation and suggestion based on the monitoring result for your best next step


Case Sharing

Full Synthetics Test Service for Web-App Monitoring

Client: a well-known insurance company


  • The insurance-pricing-calculator is a SPA (single-page-application). And it is an important step of the business conversion
  • There are more than 10 SPAs, which are managed by different product teams
  • Lack of resource to do the tests in different device and record the test result of each SPA
  • Could detect the website error by weekly/monthly report – and it was too late 
  • Need to share the monitor result with different stakeholders


  • Monitor the SPA performance with a clear dashboard – always with latest data!
  • Benchmark performance by different devices (Desktop, Mobile) or by time frames (Day, week, last 30 days, last 90 days)
  • The product owner can easily notice that the irregularity
  • Real-time alert to troubleshoot and to ensure the best user experience 
  • The set-up of tests is quick and flexible! 

Save time and enjoy the results!


Do you have further questions in regards to Datadog and Synthetic Tests?

To whom is Datadog Cloud Monitoring most suitable?

Datadog Cloud Monitoring provides you with a SaaS-based analytics platform to monitor your cloud infrastructures, applications and logs. You can create custom drag-and-drop dashboards within moments. The platform is therefore suitable for all companies and users that intend to create end-to-end transparency across all internal and external infrastructures. Advanced technological knowledge is not required for using the platform. Datadog users are usually from fields such as IT, operations and development industries. In sectors where large amounts of data are produced by applications and services, Datadog Cloud Monitoring is particularly beneficial to use. From the audit to the roll-out – our experts always advise you in a holistic manner. We review your data management, define use cases and implement the customer data platform. Our team implements the proposed measures and supports you in the on-going maintenance of your data. We thereby focus on increasing the ROI and thus evaluate the success of the measures taken. If necessary, we can adjust the strategy. In our consulting, we are entirely impartial to the CDP provider.

What kind of integrations can be implemented in Datadog?

Datadog offers more than 400 turnkey integrations that allow you to increase the density of your analytics data significantly. Built-in integrations include services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and many more.
There are three types of integrations:

– Agent-based integrations are installed with the Datadog agent using a Python class method called “check” to define the data inputs.

– Authentication-based integrations that are set up in Datadog, provide credentials for entering data into the API. These include popular integrations like Slack and AWS.

– Library integrations use the Datadog API to engage and pull data from code-level applications (e.g. Node.js, Python).

There are numerous possibilities to extend Datadog through integrations. Our experienced data specialists know the most crucial integrations and will support you in the implementation.

Are there data protection concerns with using User Experience Monitoring (UXM)?

In short, no, there is no such risk under the current legal regime, mainly due to how user experience monitoring (UXM) works.

With software robots that mimic organic users, previously defined processes can be tested and thus monitored at all times. UXM is commonly used for system-critical processes like online payment methods.

Bots are controlled by the user of the UXM tool and are usually deployed in the user’s systems. As a general rule, personal data is never stored or used in this process.

Do you have further questions about how User experience monitoring works? Please contact us for a non-binding request.

What role do different devices play for the user experience?

The range of devices which the user experience has to take into account has expanded over the years. Not only does this include tablets and smartphones with different screen sizes, but also Internet of Things devices, such as voice-controlled and smart home devices.

As a result, UX designers are confronted with a multi-device ecosystem that poses new challenges. All applications and their content must have a consistent and good user experience across different devices. Generally, it is crucial to ensure that your services are presented correctly. Besides the correct presentation of content, the context should also be taken into account, especially for new devices of the Internet of Things. Whilst smartphones are primarily intended for individual and personal use, voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo, are more likely to be shared devices that are, for instance, used collectively by a family.

The nature of the interaction, such as input and output options, significantly influence how devices and their applications are used. These should always be taken into account when evaluating the user experience (UX).

What other providers are can be used for UX Synthetic Tests, besides Datadog?

Datadog is amongst the leading providers worldwide and stands out mainly due to its wide range of application areas and modularity. Besides Datadog, numerous minor providers have their advantages and use cases. These include Userbrain, Dynatrace, New Relic or Rigor.

We are happy to support you in finding and choosing the most suitable provider for you.

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