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With the challenge was to migrate an existing shop solution incl. ERP connection, whilst boosting SEO rankings for the new shop solution which is flexible, scalable and mobile-friendly. After a shop audit we decided to use Shopware, because the features, such as Product Streams, Shopping Worlds and the developer-friendly environment met the requirements of We developed plug-ins to cover the complex requirements of the fashion sector. After five months of design and development, the shop went live and achieved better rankings, more traffic and a higher conversion rate in a short time due to the optimized shop structure and SEO adjustments.


MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • Programming of a shirt configurator
  • Email automation with Mailchimp e-commerce
  • Design and programming of an individual Shopware template

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Validation and creation of individual plugins
  • SEO optimization
  • SEO store relaunch

IT & Infrastructure

  • Checkout CRO optimization through one-page checkout and user input validation
  • DSGVO compliance
  • Installation of multi-shops with own templates

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Multilingualism
  • Automated product descriptions based on product attributes
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Client: Design Offices GmbH




For Design Offices, a part of the existing website was moved from Typo3 to WordPress in order to enable the display of dynamic content more flexibly. In addition, we improved the work process of content maintenance and extension, in order to efficiently and quickly prepare new content for customers and interested readers. In the CMS WordPress, we have modernized the design, implemented a better UX and new landing pages. Viewers now have a clearer overview of the website as it appears more appealing and more informative. The elements of the website outsourced from Typo3 were launched and managed in WordPress without experiencing a SEO ranking loss. We also made optimizations in the Typo3 part of the website, so the maintenance of the website can adapt better to the rapid growth of the company. To improve monitoring of the website performance, we used Google Analytics. With the on-going content and website support and the optimized landing pages, we increased traffic and significantly improved relevance.


MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • Revision of the UX and creation of templates
  • Optimization and simplification of website maintenance in Typo3 through structural improvement

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Technical SEO Support
  • Privacy & Consent Support

IT & Infrastructure

  • Website move from third-party hosting to company server
  • DSGVO compliance
  • Technical website support

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