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Implementation of Shopware 6

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Broom App
Development of an Android & iOS app

Insurance Group

Insurance Group
Marketing Data Warehouse & SEO real-time notification


Shopware headless implementation as PWA
New shop solution & shirt configurator


Design Offices
Website & SEO support

Case Studies

Client: Hospitality Digital GmbH (a METRO AG company) ​

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After the first wave of COVID-19 contact tracking was vital in terms of keeping the virus under control. Quickly it was obvious for Hospitality Digital, that a solution must be built for the hospitality business owners and their guests.


Chief Product Officer

Realization of the project

DISH Guest was one of the first COVID-19 contact tracking applications on the market, launched in August 2020. It enables encrypted, anonymized and GDPR-compliant contact recording as well as fast and complete reporting for the governmental health authorities.In the core functionalities. DISH Guest enables business owners to create a QR-Code for their location, or even individual codes for each table, so the guest could check-in their presence. Also, the guests would be able to see a digital menu, and give reviews before leaving.

Metro Dish Screens


Our Product Manager took over the project in October 2020 as DISH Guest had around 3000 business customers. Within 3 weeks the number was increased to 5500 businesses in 9 countries. During the second lock-down we rolled out to other 6 countries to be ready for post-lockdown contact tracking. We have driven the project till Q4 2021 and delivered an advanced, multi-functional product active in 15 countries, over 9000 businesses having around 1 million check-ins every month.

Latest active countries: AT, BE, CZ, SP, FR, CZ, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, TR, UA


IT & Infrastructure

  • Revision and improvement of the application
  • Roll-out to 9 more countries

MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • 6,000 more businesses as customers over the entire project duration

Client: FuxTec





+ 112%


With over 2000 articles and a five-figure order volume, Fuxtec is one of the strongest German brands concerning hardware and gardening equipment. The Fuxtec online store is maintained by Digital Loop long-term and on a holistic basis. Within a short period of time (4 months), we implemented Shopware 6 in the former Shopware 5 online shop. The requirements included broad design adjustments, performance optimizations, the internationalization (GER, FR, IT), a website search and many more.

In addition, we implemented the ERP integration to an external company, while the PIM was executed by Shopware. Through our 24 hours support, we were able to achieve a better uptime of the shop. The conversion rate has improved significantly with our consulting. Our expert team uses a customer-centric approach for the optimizations. Fuxtec has a direct contact person concerning all questions, and can implement new functions in an agile way, as well as solve issues and problems as quickly as possible.


Migration to Shopware 6

  • Preparation & analysis
  • Data migration (orders, products, customers etc)
  • Creation of the Shopware template with new design

IT & Infrastructure

  • Development of new widgets and features for a better user experience
  • Interfaces to APIs and connection to external market places
  • Hosting Setup and Server Management for an optimized performance
  • Maintenance and Monitoring für a smooth running

Client: Broom App

Screenshot Broom








Programming an Android & iOS app for cyclists in Ecuador

Cycling can be dangerous in Ecuador due to the traffic. Broomer allows cyclists to book an accompanying car which shields them from the traffic by driving behind them.

Realization of the project

We developed an app for iOS and Android which allows cyclists in Ecuador to book an accompanying car driver, a so-called broomer, for their ride. In Ecuador, cyclists often are involved in accidents with cars when training on roads or highways.

Dangerous situations occur for example when climbing a mountain and going very slow. The broomer car is a protecting shield in these situations. If the cyclist suffers a mechanical failure or has an accident, the broomer is also there to help.

The app, which is available for Android and iOS, provides the following features:

  • Geolocation: Users can see on the map which broomers are near them and can book the nearest broomer accordingly.
  • Alerts to the broomer when a user requests their service
  • New features are planned, eg multi payment and a safety function to prevent broomer drivers from falling asleep while driving.


IT & Infrastructure

  • Developing an iOS & Android app
  • Multiple functionalities: Geolocation, alerts etc.
  • Consulting during the implementation process

Client: Leading global insurance group


Versicherung Insurance Use Case








Marketing & SEO decision-relevant data takes too long to gather.

Our client engages in data-driven decision-making, but the data used in this process is spread across different sources. Since the data are independent, it is difficult to measure the success of the marketing initiatives (campaigns, UX, content…etc.) performance from a single factor. It takes time to gather all the data from different reports and from different stakeholders. The operation strategy therefore can be only considered on a monthly basis or longer.


Marketing Operation Stakeholders, Product Manager, Division Managers, Head of Marketing

Realization of the project

We came up with a Marketing Data Warehouse & SEO real-time notification solution with flexible modules to be customized for the client.

  •  A Marketing Data Warehouse to centralize the data. We connected the data pipelines of the web applications and pulled the data to an all-in-one data platform to centralize the datasets.
  • With interactive dashboards and customized reporting for different operation or strategy purposes, the client can now get an up-to-date overview at any moment in time and update their operation strategy accordingly. Most of the reports can be updated automatically. Thus, it also saves the time cost in long term.
  • We also monitor the critical tech-SEO issues of the key web property with the solution. The stakeholders can therefore get real-time notifications via Email or as a message in communication tools (such as Slack). Thus, they can take action before it is too late.

The solution works elegantly through only a single connector to the data visualization tool and remains flexible by allowing us to add more datasets on demand.

Tech Scope

  • SEO data sources: Google Search Console, PageSpeed, CoreWebVitals, FIleSize (WebPageTest), Sisitrix, Ryte, etc.
  • User Behavior data: Web Analytics
  • User Satisfaction data: Survey data
  • Internal data: KPI Plan
  • MongoDB
  • Google BigQuery, MySQL


*Based on the estimation, that the teams of our client need to pull out the data, and update the report every month by themselves.
-> 2.5 hours per month * 12 month* at least 4 teams  = 120 hours


IT & Infrastructure

  • Merging of different data sources
  • Development of a Marketing Data Warehouse

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Flexible modules
  • SEO real-time notification

Client: couch:now








As Digital Loop, we were contacted by the founders and investors of couch:now to discover and realize their innovative idea of an AI-based mental health coaching video platform. Our technical experts consulted the founders in product building, guided design/UX processes and implemented the application for all end devices.


Psychologists team, Data Engineering experts, Head of Marketing

Realization of the project

couch:now is the on-demand video platform for mental health, presented by the best-in-class therapists and psychologists. Launched in December 2021, couch:now has reached now presenting 3 Programs, over 250 videos and hundreds of users in each program. In the process consultancy, our team had to discover the requirements of end users, while enabling the scientific, data engineering and marketing teams at couch:now. We used Shopware 6 headless and developed our frontend using Vue.js. The application is available as a web-app as well as PWA especially for the mobile users. The project is also recognized by leading German TV channels ARD, RTL and ProSieben, as well as the popular science journal PSYCHOLOGIE HEUTE.


MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • Product Building Consulting
  • Design & UX Processes

IT & Infrastructure

  • Shopware 6 headless implementation
  • Frontend development with Vue.js
  • Development of a web app & PWA







With the challenge was to migrate an existing shop solution incl. ERP connection, whilst boosting SEO rankings for the new shop solution which is flexible, scalable and mobile-friendly. After a shop audit we decided to use Shopware, because the features, such as Product Streams, Shopping Worlds and the developer-friendly environment met the requirements of We developed plug-ins to cover the complex requirements of the fashion sector. After five months of design and development, the shop went live and achieved better rankings, more traffic and a higher conversion rate in a short time due to the optimized shop structure and SEO adjustments.


MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • Programming of a shirt configurator
  • Email automation with Mailchimp e-commerce
  • Design and programming of an individual Shopware template

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Validation and creation of individual plugins
  • SEO optimization
  • SEO store relaunch

IT & Infrastructure

  • Checkout CRO optimization through one-page checkout and user input validation
  • DSGVO compliance
  • Installation of multi-shops with own templates

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Multilingualism
  • Automated product descriptions based on product attributes
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Client: Design Offices GmbH




For Design Offices, a part of the existing website was moved from Typo3 to WordPress in order to enable the display of dynamic content more flexibly. In addition, we improved the work process of content maintenance and extension, in order to efficiently and quickly prepare new content for customers and interested readers. In the CMS WordPress, we have modernized the design, implemented a better UX and new landing pages. Viewers now have a clearer overview of the website as it appears more appealing and more informative. The elements of the website outsourced from Typo3 were launched and managed in WordPress without experiencing a SEO ranking loss. We also made optimizations in the Typo3 part of the website, so the maintenance of the website can adapt better to the rapid growth of the company. To improve monitoring of the website performance, we used Google Analytics. With the on-going content and website support and the optimized landing pages, we increased traffic and significantly improved relevance.


MarTech & Digital Marketing

  • Revision of the UX and creation of templates
  • Optimization and simplification of website maintenance in Typo3 through structural improvement

BI & Digital Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Technical SEO Support
  • Privacy & Consent Support

IT & Infrastructure

  • Website move from third-party hosting to company server
  • DSGVO compliance
  • Technical website support

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