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Algorithms of search engines, such as Google, are constantly changing. Hence, to be successful, the strategies have to be regularly optimized and improved. As a digital marketing company in the innovative city of Munich, we are committed to making our knowledge available in this field. Our SEO Meetups are targeted at experts, companies, people with interest and newcomers in this field. To be ahead of the game in the area of Search Engine Optimization, we report from our day-to-day experiences with our clients and spread our knowledge to you.

Our SEO Meetup events are held in both English and German language.

Upcoming SEO Meetups in Munich

Next topics: “SEO lead generation in private health insurance via Top-Funnel” and “Excel for SEO: tips for your daily routine and advanced use cases”. 

22.04.2021 from 18-20 o’clock
“From the community – for the community” – that’s the motto of the SEO Meetups. Whether you’re a website operator, agency or partner, you can exchange ideas on topics that are burning under your nails at our free online events. Of course, the Meetups also offer space for SEO newcomers.
This time we would like to introduce you to practical content on the topics of “SEO lead generation in private health insurance via Top-Funnel” and “Excel for SEO: tips for your daily routine and advanced use cases” (presentation in English). The Meetup will be hosted by SEO experts Demir Jasarevic (Ottonova) and Yury Tolmadzhev (Digital Loop).
Google search is highly competitive around insurance topics. For a private health insurance company, there are also health-related topics that need to be populated in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). However, good rankings in these areas and the resulting SEO traffic is only the first hurdle. How can quantitative SEO traffic be converted into leads via the top funnel? In this SEO Meetup, Demir Jasarevic (Ottonova) shows:
– How SEO lead generation in private health insurance works via the top-funnel.
– Which lead magnets are used in the process.
– How the leads are developed into customers.
A funnel is a tool that visualizes the buying process of customers in the individual phases from perception to conclusion of the purchase. The aim is to draw the attention of a large number of people to your company and consequently to filter out qualified leads step by step. In this way, sales and marketing processes along the individual touchpoints can be optimized and automated.
We are looking forward to your participation!

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