Our software solutions are tailor-made for your company and its strategy

Whether developing an app, optimizing an online shop or building a website – we offer consulting and will accompany you at every step of the project.

From idea to success: We implement your projects

Our web solutions are based on the interplay of online marketing, recent technologies and excellent data analysis. Our work is data-driven, and throughout the project duration, we execute regular evaluations and adjust our solutions to your company’s strategy and needs. 

Web & App Development

With our professional web development solutions we are able to create both simple and complex websites and applications. We implement every project and accompany you from concept creation to the development of an operable application.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping solutions allow us to offer our clients prefabricated models of the future end product. This includes not only the surface, but all processes and interactions according to your requirements.

Data Products

Data-driven work processes and profound analyses enable us to measure and evaluate the success of your company’s campaigns on an ongoing basis With this, you can react to trends in an agile way and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Microservices & evolutionary architecture

Thanks to our progressive services concerning microservices & evolutionary architecture, we are able to develop and update many applications more efficiently.

MarTech Solutions

We use the latest technologies to build your online marketing to be efficient and data-driven. Gone are the times when marketers had to trust their gut. We use a variety of tools to help measure clearly the success of your marketing campaigns.

Consulting & Workshops

At our IT & Infrastructure Workshops, we provide you with additional information on how to drive forward the digitization and modernization of your company’s entire infrastructure. The focus is on different aspects and IT solutions. Fundamental technical changes are addressed, as well as the relevant steps for the conversion of the development process.

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