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Do you have difficulty turning website visitors into customers? We, Digital Loop, boost your conversion rate! We not onlz make websites attractive for your users but also help you to create a complete customer journey. With our support, you can achieve your goals – with best-practice concepts from UX, digital marketing and e-commerce.

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How do our solutions help your business?

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A/B Testing & Personalization

As marketing experts we provide the best selection of tools to help you raise the conversion rate in a data-driven way. You can optimize websites and applications based on visitor behavior more efficiently and in greater depth with A/B testing and personalization.

John Munoz

Gründer & Geschäftsführer

Website UX Optimization

Optimizing the UX helps to improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue. We provide full service, from audit, best practice concepts to automatic monitoring solutions to ensure the UX!

Vladimir Stashevskiy

MarTech & Digital Analytics Consultant

Organic & Paid Marketing

We increase the customer awareness of your brand with different strategies: Besides a natural placement on the result pages of search engines and in social networks (SEO) , we also help you to acquire customers through direct and targeted advertising (SEA).

Delia Modest

Senior SEO Consultant

Funnel Optimization

The conversion rate depends largely on your funnel. The design of the funnel influences the fact that interested visitors become paying customers in the customer journey. The optimal funnel therefore consists of measures that pick up potential customers within the purchase or decision phase and guide them step-by-step, for example, to complete the purchase. That’s why we don’t just build a funnel, but set integration brackets for a consistently complete experience with your brand.

Yury Tolmadzhev

Senior Data Analyst / Analytics Team Lead

E-Commerce Growth

We provide full service surrounding e-commerce growth. With our innovative tools, we maximize the profitability of your online store and make your shopping experience even more user-friendly. Besides ready-made applications, we also develop individual and customized solutions to meet your needs.

Ilgin Yildiz

Senior Product & Project Manager

Our Approach

Step 1: Status Analysis

The first step is to identify weak points within the Customer Journey that are causing your website visitors not to convert.

Step 2: Concept & Plan

We develop a suitable concept including your goals, a selected strategy and the measures to be implemented.

Step 3: Implementation

After we decide a suitable concept for your web presence together, our experts will start with the implementation.

Step 4: Performance review

We compare & analyze the target and actual status. Based on the analysis, we modify the strategy, apply new measures and give suggestions to meet the dynamic market.

Step 5: Support & Training

We offer you continuous support, individual and comprehensive consulting and training of your employees.