Web & Software Development

Stand out from the crowd with customized web and software development! From web-based applications to complex web projects – we develop your individual web presence in our Munich-based agency.


Why Web & Software Development?

Web development is a popular service due to the rise of the digital transformation. Our services come in a package deal: from software development and web services to complex websites – with us you get everything you need from only one company!

Our agile development of systems and platforms allow us to detect errors early on, act flexibly and deliver functional products to you within a short time. Through an interactive approach we can easily adapt to changing requirements in every phase of development. With us you will stay in loop. This way we create a product together that will fascinate both you and your customers.

Package Deal

Digital Loop, entirely supports your projects: from the initial design to the final implementation – we offer ongoing support. To ensure the high quality of our work,  we use the latest web technologies, standardized workflows and special software.

Unique Web Design

Were you planning on building a homepage or online store using a toolbox? This might be enough for a hobby website at first, however, when you want to do more with the website, we recommend using a professional web design. It will always focus on your image and business model and mostly, it will make you a step ahead of your competitors!


Available Experts

In order to be able to give you as many services as possible, we believe in heterogeneity within the teams. Hence, besides our technical department and project managers, our team consists of front-end and back-end programmers as well as software developers, architects and database specialists.

Our Services in Web Development & Software Development

Software & Web Development Agency in Munich – What We Do

Web Development

  • Programming of interactive and cross-platform web presences
  • Support for back- & front-end development
  • Implementation with maximum flexibility and  transparency

Web Design

  • Individual designs for your company profile
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop

Content Management

  • Development of customized plug-ins
  • Integration for all common CMS’, like WordPress, Typo3 or Drupal
  • Implementation of helpful tools and other content sources.


  • Design of high performance websites
  • Programming of unique performance & monitoring tools
  • Construction of optimized Internet pages for a maximum of conversions

Web Apps

  • Development of web apps – specifically tailored to your target group
  • Ensuring reliable usability for every common end device
  • Focus on the user-oriented functions
Our Expertise in Software & Web Development

Our Tech-Knowledge

The Digital Loop web development team successfully handles tasks in the fields of web development, web design, content management, performance & monitoring and web applications. To achieve this, our developers master various programming languages, are experts in database development and integrate your web application into existing system landscapes. 

In addition to web server software such as NGINX and Apache, we also build for you a cloud based website, thereby offering a cost-effective alternative with maximum flexibility, highest scalability and reliability. Using tools such as Lighthouse and Pagespeed-Test, we increase the performance of your website, to improve the loading times and to ensure good user experience for your customers. The effects of this all-in-one solution will be reflected in your KPIs

As a professional web development & software development agency in Munich, our front-end and back-end developers closely work with our customers. This way we are able to keep your goals in mind and make sure the project is successfully completed. Among others, SCRUM and agile project management play a decisive role in this.

Check out the profound knowledge of our Web Development Team:











    Google Cloud Platform


  • MailChimp
  • Mandrill
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console





      Divi Builder

      Static Sites

      Pixel Perfect




    Google Cloud Platform



















        Frequently asked questions about Software & Web Development

        What are the distinguishing features of a high-quality web design software?

        high-quality software for web design is mainly characterized by the user-friendliness. There are many visual editors which have the drag-and-drop function for text and images. Therefore, programming skills are no longer required. 

        In addition, a good web design software should offer the possibility to make adjustments to the code. This provides the necessary freedom in design, that facilitates the adaptation of your site, according to your needs. We are happy to assist you in this!

        Which programming language is the right one for my website? As the owner of a company, what should I pay attention to?

        The choice of programming language primarily depends on the requirements you have for your website. Each programming language has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, PHP and JavaScript are probably the most popular, whilst programming languages, such as C++ or Python, are rather used as an alternative.

        The choice of programming language is initially irrelevant when you commission us to develop your website. However, in case you wish to use your own developers for future adjustments, it is important to make sure they are familiar with the programming languages used so farWe can advise you in this regard. Once we have identified your requirements, we will recommend the most suitable programming language and help you with all your needs.

        Who manages the web content? Can I maintain it myself in the future?

        Web content can be managed by everyone who has access to the CMS. These can be your employees of your company. As the owner of a website, you can also access and change the content of your website, at any time.

        As a Web & Software Development agency we provide qualified Content Managers, who will support you in creating and maintaining the content in your CMS.

        How long does the development process take?

        There is not a general answer to this question, because every project is different. Generally speaking, developments can take anywhere between a few days to several months. This depends on the complexity of the project and your budget.

        Do you want an initial assessmentPlease contact us!

        How much does the development of a website cost?

        The costs for web & software developments are as individual as the developments themselves.

        To begin with, the time-frame for your project must be determined, depending on the complexity and the budget. After that, the concrete planning, realization, support and implementation can begin. As a Web and Software Development Agency in Munich we have already helped build numerous websites and online stores from scratch. Therefore, we will find the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for you.

        Turn your website into something special, with the Digital Loop development team!

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