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With workshops and trainings, both you and your employees will gain expertise in the latest developments of digital marketing. From Adobe Analytics to search engine marketing – we offer you individual and interactive workshops. Our speakers have many years of experience and are continuously learning new skills themselves. Our company is always on the cutting edge.


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1:1 Trainings

Are you a marketer, manager or product owner and would like to receive further individual training on marketing topics? We offer 1:1 training and seminar sessions that prioritise your requirements and interests.

Group Workshops

In small group workshops, we demonstrate how you can optimally use marketing in your field using numerous practical examples, exercises and tools. Our workshops and trainings are suited for both beginners and advanced learners.

In-house Courses

Our consultants are happy to train your teams on your company’s premises. With our in-house training courses, we aim to provide a comprehensive transmission of knowledge from which many employees can benefit. Dates for workshops and seminars are available on request.

Our Workshop Selection

The Technical SEO is a subarea of the search engine optimization. It involves, for example, the optimization of the server setting. This subarea serves as a prerequisite so that other optimization measures can influence the search engine ranking. From our experts, you will learn the most important factors, especially with regard to current updates of search engines.
A clean technical SEO and SEO-optimized content are the cornerstones of any ranking.

Technical SEO

With SEO, you can increase your website ranking and thereby increase your visibility on the web. In our SEO workshops, you will learn which factors are relevant for ranking well in Google and how to effectively improve your ranking. We provide you with reliable SEO strategies and show you how to measure your success. Our SEO managers are familiar with keyword analyses, SEO briefings and QAs. As a tech-savvy agency, our trainers are also familiar with tech SEO and analytics tools.

Content SEO

One of the most crucial elements of your online success and adds value to your customers is content. In the digital era, some challenges need to be overcome alongside writing great content. In our workshops, you will learn how to develop a content strategy and how to plan it effectively using calendars and other tools. We will show you how to get your content to the top of search engines and which analysis tools you can use for this. Our instructors are familiar with the most used content management systems and will adjust the workshop content accordingly.

Content Management

With the smart use of marketing technologies (MarTech), you can increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies. Are you already using MarTech applications or are you considering investing in marketing technologies? With our workshops, we present you and your employees to the possibilities and opportunities of MarTech. We are experts in MarTech stacks, automation and have practical experience with a wide range of tools. Learning sessions on MarTech tools are therefore part of our portfolio.

Marketing Technologies (MarTech)

Growth hacking focuses on the growth of your business. Creative tactics (“hacks”) are applied to increase conversions and sales. Low-cost methods that offer maximal growth potential are often utilized here. Growth hacking is therefore particularly interesting for start-ups and founders. Our presenters will show you which tactics and channels are involved in growth hacking and how your company can benefit from it. We are happy to develop a checklist, a toolkit and a guideline with you in the workshop.

Growth Marketing

Performance marketing, also known as performance advertising, refers to quantifiable marketing measures. Based on the detailed results, you can make effective optimizations and control your campaign in a targeted manner. In our workshops & seminars, we show you which relevant metrics there are in addition to clicks and conversions. We also show you which marketing tools are crucial for your individual success.

Performance Marketing

Do you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site and increase your conversion rate? With A/B testing, you can test numerous elements on your website and improve them accordingly. In combination with personalization, you can increase the user experience and offer tailored content to every user. In our workshops, we show you how to use A/B testing and personalization synergistically. Our consultants will explain the basics and provide you with a roadmap for improving your conversion rate.

A/B Testing and Personalisation

With web analytics, you can get a better understanding of your target group and optimise your funnel. In our training courses and workshops, we teach the basics or more in-depth knowledge of web analytics, depending on the skill level of your team. Our instructors will explain how to set up efficient tracking and how to process collected data profitably. We give you an overview of analytics tools and possibilities for visualising your data. All departments of your company can benefit from this.

Web Analytics

With the Google Tag Manager, you can easily create and manage your code snippets for tracking and similar purposes, with a user-friendly interface, making complex development processes superfluous. In our training for beginners, you will learn how to set up the Google Tag Manager and use it for your benefit. We explain the essentials of tag management and possible use cases with the help of practical examples. Our workshops aim to teach you and your employees how to use Google Tag Manager in a practice-oriented fashion.

Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Adobe Analytics is one of the most widely deployed analytics tools and is very popular, especially among marketers. Due to its straightforward nature, Adobe Analytics is suitable for customers who have limited experience in web analytics. In our beginner workshops, we create a basic understanding of tracking technologies. You and your employees will get to know the Adobe Analytics interface and set up your tracking projects. As a certified Adobe Analytics agency, we have extensive experience with the tool.

Adobe Analytics for Beginners

Our Projects

In our past workshops, we taught our clients about various marketing topics, such as SEO and analytics. In an in-house training, our analytics expert Vladimir Stashevskiy held a presentation on tracking and Adobe Analytics. There is always space for questions and discussion in our small workshop groups, on content and SEO issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a workshop?

The length of each workshop is adjusted to your requirements. We hold presentations that can last several hours, as well as supervise you for half a day, one day or even for several days. According to our experience, the duration depends on the content, the number of participants and the intended learning objectives. 

Please contact us to get an estimate of the time needed to achieve your goals.

How many people are these workshops intended for?

As a consulting agency, we offer workshops and trainings for groups of all sizes. In principle, however, you should keep your company structure and the desired learning objectives in mind when choosing the number of participants. For executives and decision-makers, we recommend 1:1 coaching and small groups, as it leaves space for questions and individual support. For larger groups, a broad transfer of knowledge is possible, which may lead to the integration of different departments, in the long term. 

We are happy to advise you individually regarding our workshop capacities.

How much does a workshop or training cost from Digital Loop?

A general answer to this question cannot be given. The prices essentially depend on the sort of workshop, its duration and the topic. In-house training, for example, requires more time and effort than 1:1 online coaching and is, therefore, more expensive. As a rule of thumb, you can expect a price of ranging between 900 and 3,000€. 

Please contact us for a non-binding offer! On request, we will develop a customised workshop concept for you and your employees. 

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