Client: Leading global insurance group
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Leading global insurance group

Leading global insurance group Case Study







In Marketing & SEO it takes too long to collect decision-relevant data. Our client relies on data-based decisions, but the data needed for this process is spread across different sources. Since the data is collected independently of each other, it is difficult to measure the success of marketing measures (such as campaigns, UX, content, etc.) using a single factor. Gathering data from different reports and from different stakeholders takes time. Therefore, corporate strategy can only be evaluated on a monthly or longer-term basis.


Marketing Operation Stakeholder, Product Manager, Division Manager, Head of Marketing

Project implementation

We developed Marketing Data Warehouse and SEO real-time notification as a solution with flexible modules customized to client's needs.

  • The data is brought together in the Marketing Data Warehouse . We connected the data pipelines of the various web applications and pulled the data into an all-in-one platform to centralize the datasets.
  • With the help of interactive dashboards and customized reports for different operational or strategic goals, the customer can now get an up-to-date overview at any time and adjust the operational strategy accordingly. Most of the reports can be updated automatically . This also saves time in the long term.
  • Additionally, we use our solution to monitor the web environment for critical tech SEO issues. Here, stakeholders can receive real-time notifications via email or via communication tools such as Slack. So you can act immediately before it's too late.

The solution works elegantly through a single connector to the data visualization tool and remains flexible as we can always add more datasets as needed.

Technical scope

  • SEO data sources: Google Search Console, PageSpeed, CoreWebVitals, FIleSize (WebPageTest), Sisitrix, Ryte, etc.
  • User Behavior Data: Web Analytics
  • User Satisfaction Data: Survey Data
  • Internal data: KPI plan
  • MongoDB
  • Google BigQuery, MySQL

*Based on the estimate that the customer's teams need to pull data themselves and update the report on a monthly basis. -> 2.5 hours per month * 12 months * at least 4 teams = 120 hours 


IT & Infrastructure

  • Merging of different data sources
  • Development of a marketing data warehouse

diaBI & Digital Analytics

  • Dashboards with real-time information
  • Flexible modules 
  • SEO real-time notifications

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