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SEO-Insights: Trends, How-To’s and Networking

Algorithms of search engines, such as Google, are constantly changing. Hence, to be successful, the strategies have to be regularly optimized and improved. As a digital marketing company in the innovative city of Munich, we are committed to making our knowledge available in this field. Our SEO Meetups are targeted at experts, companies, people with interest and newcomers in this field. To be ahead of the game in the area of Search Engine Optimization, we report from our day-to-day experiences with our clients and spread our knowledge to you.

Our SEO Meetup events are held in both English and German language.

Past SEO Meetups – Slides

24.05.2022: Google Analytics 4 Introduction (EN) & APP Store Optimization (DE)

22.02.2022: SEO A/B Testing on the Edge

28.10.2021: New tool for Keywordresearch by Martin Resch

22.07.2021: Page Speed Hacks by Maximilian Bloch

22.04.2021: SEO Lead Generation via Top-Funnel/Excel for SEO

23.02.2021: Measure the success of your content and discover the benefits of Google Analytics 4

03.12.2020: Google Core Web Vitals – Be prepared

3.12.2020: How to automate your SEO with Google Apps Script

17.09.2020: Shopware Meetup: How to turn your ordinary online store into a revenue machine

18.02.2020: Page Speed Hacks

08.10.2019: Top Page Speed: Build a fast static html website with a CMS

30.07.2019: AI Content for SEO (Use Case)

08.02.2017: Mobile SEO – Am I already late?

17.11.2017: SEO Page Speed Optimization

26.04.2017: SEO Reporting – How to appropriately use Google Search Console Data