Revitalize Your Digital Ecosystem

A number of factors and systems work together in digital marketing. A well functioning digital ecosystem is essential to achieve the best results for your business. We are happy to help you set it up or optimize it.

Our Services

MarTech & Digital Marketing

The best marketing campaign should not look like a marketing campaign. We have the right strategies for it.
Our Expertise
  • Organic & Performance Marketing
  • User Centric Marketing
  • A/B-Testing & Personalization
  • Marketing Automation (E-Mail, Targeting, Segmenting)
  • Tech-SEO & SEO-Audit
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Ux Synthetic Test

IT & Infrastructure

Even the best digital infrastructure has room for improvement. We ensure that your digital services and applications are ready for the future.

Our Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Microservices & Evolutionary Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture & DevOps
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Clean Code & Test Driven Development
  • Legacy Re-Engineering

BI & Digital Analytics

With our digital data analysis we dig meaningful and profitable insights from the data assets.

Our Expertise
  • Google & Adobe Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • Privacy & Consent
  • Data & Customer Management Platform
  • Tracking & Data Architecture
  • Reporting & Visualization
  • Data Pipelines / ETLs
  • Data centralization

e-Commerce & Development

With innovative tools we help you achieve your business goals and make the shopping experience even more user friendly.

Our Expertise
  • Shopware 5
  • Shopware 6
  • Plug-in-Development for Shopware
  • Connection to ERP system (Pickware, Sage und Co.)

Consulting & Workshops

We offer individual and customizable workshops for companies and individuals, in the above mentioned areas. Just contact us.


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