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Whether in the cloud or on-premises – our made in Munich IT solutions make your company ready for the future. As a full-service, professional web development company, we make IT happen! 
The use of cloud computing is almost unlimited from small businesses or individuals with limited infrastructure, all the way to big enterprises that need complex IT solutions. We, in Digital-Loop, offer a wide range of cloud services: From virtual machines, storage, managed databases to IoT, AI satellite communications and so on. Our IT infrastructure design is built for scalability, high availability in the most cost effective way.
Google Cloud Partners

In Digital-Loop we have the same belief as Google that best solutions are born from collaboration. Using Google Cloud advanced tools with our team creativity, experience and knowledge is providing our clients end to end cloud solutions.

Data Migration to the cloud

Moving workloads to the cloud requires a well-thought-out strategy that includes a complex combination of management and technology. In Digital-Loop we will move your data to the new cloud world. We will make sure that your data on the cloud will be secure and durable storage for resilience and High Availability.


Data protection and privacy is always a priority for our clients and specifically for us here in Digital-Loop. As Google Cloud partners we can offer you a wide range of security services for your requests. Digital loop serves clients from Dax 30 which means protecting sensitive workloads while achieving and maintaining compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

Cost optimization

Get control of your cloud spending and optimize your cloud account. 

We have very extensive experience on ways to lower bills for AWS and Google Cloud services and we are always happy to put it in practice. In Digital-Loop we can take a deeper look on your cloud environment and provide you insights regarding your costs.

Complex cloud solutions

From IoT solutions to satellite services we in Digital-Loop can offer a wide range of complex cloud solutions. As google partners we can offer you all the most advanced Google products like AI, IoT, Gaming hosting solutions and all of Google advanced tools.  But we are not limited to only one provider, our cloud architects specialized in all the major cloud providers. 

Continuous Integration & Delivery

We define your workflows with our professional solutions for Continuous Integration & Delivery. Your web applications are automatically tested by us. Your developers will be supported by our systems in troubleshooting, detecting and fixing bugs and we will provide you with instant feedback.

Rapid Prototyping

With our Rapid Prototyping solutions we offer our customers prefabricated models of the end product. In this, not only the user interface is designed, but also all processes and interactions according to your specified requirements are included. This allows you to already carry out improvements during the development stage.

Clean Code & Test Driven Development

Within the scope of our Clean Code & Test Driven Development we carry out several tests of the developed applications, which allows to examine its individual features step by step. This results in a more flexible and extended code, which can be easily modified.

Cloud Management

Here in Digital-Loop we will make your critical applications effortlessly optimize towards the performance, scale and efficiency. Our clients keep their applications’ functionality up to date while focusing on their core businesses.

Consulting & Workshops

In our IT & Infrastructure Workshops, we provide you with additional information on how you can advance towards the digitization and modernization of your company’s entire infrastructure. This involves the consideration of various aspects of IT solutions. Fundamental technical changes are covered as well as the relevant steps for the conversion of the development process.

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With our knowledge in advanced technologies, the infrastructure of your company can be modernized and entirely digitized. We use a set of professional solutions to cover a wide range of services. The focus in this is on centralized data management and development of extensible applications.

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