As an A/B Testing Acency we are happy to advise and support you in the technical implementation of A/B tests and personalization campaigns for a higher conversion rate!

A/B Testing + Personalization = Boost your conversion rate!

A/B Testing

A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a website to determine which version performs best with users. The aim is to find out which elements on a website are crucial for increasing the conversion rate and thus for users to make more registrations, downloads or purchases. As an A/B Testing Acency Digital Loop can help you with those tests.


Another method is personalisation, where users are presented with different content and offers on the website depending on their characteristics and search intent. Personalisation campaigns help you to adapt your website to the needs of specific visitor groups.  

The combination of A/B testing and personalisation in web optimisation enables you to increase user-friendliness, generate leads and thus increase your sales!

1. Target Definition

Generation of hypotheses and identification of test targets – Selecting the tools that fit your needs best (e.g. Google Optimize, Optimizely)

2. Side Variations

Creating side variations with consideration of the accurate number of variables for the detailed determination of the cause-effect-relationship.

3. Execution of the A/B test & analysis of the results

Setting up the measurement process and then collecting the data to test the hypothesis – Evaluation of the results for the derivation of new measures for your website

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