Data is an essential basis for business decisions. It is the only way to accurately analyze customers and derive actions. Use this with the help of Business Intelligence for sustainable and value-adding decisions. Information is transformed into valuable insights and you receive practical and valid recommendations for your business. With BI Services from Digital Loop.

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Why business intelligence is important for your company

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Create transparency for all stakeholders

Professional Business Intelligence (BI) services create effective target/actual analyses in all areas. You therefore gain new insights into business processes and immediately see the current status of projects, teams and products.

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Uniform and central data stock

Integrating the business intelligence solution into your existing software brings further benefits. A uniform database for the analyses increases your operational efficiency – so you have more time for your core business.

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Making sound decisions in the company

With the help of a BI solution, you make concrete, data-driven business decisions. With the help of the software, you can evaluate big data and get an overview. Statistical methods, pattern recognition and other analyses are also easy to implement. 

Business Intelligence: Our approach

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Step 1: Technical basics 

This is where key data is defined and collected. Data is collected by means of operational systems or in a data warehouse based on them. The data is then correlated so that patterns and discontinuities become visible & insights can be derived.

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Step 2: Strategy phase 

As part of a strategy development process, the internal requirements and technical prerequisitesas well as the external factors, new opportunities and technologies are ascertained and transferred into a suitable BI strategy.


Step 3: Design phase

In the conception phase, the goal formulated in the BI strategy is designed for suitable control processes for all target groups. This includes the selection of suitable system and data architecture and programs (BI software).

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Step 4: Implementation

The actual implementation translates the requirements from the BI strategy into concrete projects.

What is Business Intelligence?

Using data to target customers? Sounds easier than it is. So what exactly is business intelligence and how does it relate? Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process. The term covers procedures and processes for the systematic data analysis of one’s own company. This is primarily used to present usable information to help make informed decisions.

The goal here is to gain insights based on existing data. Based on this, management decisions are to be made and justified. Analytical concepts, specialized software and IT systems are used to evaluate the data. The company can thus make its business processes, as well as customer and supplier relationships, more successful and efficient.

Our business intelligence experts help you use your data intelligently. We work together with you on the right strategy for your digital success.

Data Management

Only those who have their data under control can evaluate it in a promising way and draw the right conclusions for further action. Together with you, we work out which data is available in which systems and how we can bring it together.


Functioning interactions with your customers are crucial for your business success in the digital transformation. Our CRM consultants will help you find the right customer relationship management solution for your company.


Busiess Intelligence (BI) for Sales function can help salespeople filter and analyze results by product, SKU, customer, customer demographics, region, team, and sales rep.


To adapt to the changing competitive and market landscape, the business must monitor changes in buying behavior based on demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral buying data.

Our Satisfied Clients

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Yury Tolmadzhev

  • 10+ years of experience in BI, Data Analytics & Business Development
  • Business-Analysis Expert

John Munoz

10+ years of experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Tech SEO

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Vladimir Stashevskiy

8+ years of experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing

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Ramon da Matta

  • 5+ years experience in Web Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics and CRO expert
  • Experienced in Web Analytics and CRO for Fintechs & Banks

Jhonatan Arcos

  • 4+ years experience in Martech Engineering, BI & Tracking Development 
  • Expert in Tealium, Google Tag Manager and various DWH technologies 

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