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At Digital Loop, we understand that every business is unique and therefore offer customized GPT solutions to achieve your SEO goals. Our expertise in developing GPT-based tools allows us to offer innovative approaches to content SEO, E-EAT analysis and many other aspects of search engine optimization.

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OpenAI, Azure or On-Premise our GPT solutions

Every business is unique and has its own demands for an SEO and marketing GPT. Therefore, we select the GPT variant that best suits your requirements and company structure, and develop an AI-powered search engine optimization solution for your business. 

OpenAI-based GPT development:

Customers opting for an OpenAI-based GPT solution benefit from the advanced and continuously updated technology OpenAI provides. This platform is renowned for its high performance and flexibility, enabling the development of sophisticated and customized AI applications perfectly suited to specific customer needs and industry requirements. 

On-Premise GPT development:

On-premise GPT development offers customers maximum control and security. Since the data and applications are hosted on the customer's own servers, they have full control over data processing and storage, which is especially important for companies with strict data protection requirements or specific security needs. 

Azure GPT development:

Customers opting for Azure GPT benefit from seamless integration into the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This enables high scalability, reliability, and easy integration with other Azure services and tools. Furthermore, Azure offers advanced security features and global compliance standards, making it an ideal solution for businesses requiring a robust and secure cloud environment. 

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Implementation in your company processes

As a digital consulting agency, we not only develop a customized GPT for your company, but also support you in integrating the AI solutions we develop into your internal marketing and content processes.

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Our GPTs Team

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Jasmin Erhorn Söderling


Yudith Prawitasari

  • 8+ years of SEO experience
  • Expert in strategic SEO
  • English, German, Indonesian

Alex Kirpichonak

  • 7+ years of experience in SEO
  • Expert in TechSEO and Core Web Vitals
  • English, Polish, Russian

Diego Acuña

  • 10+ years of IT experience
  • Expert in web and software development and AI Engineer
  • English, Spanish

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