Achieve targeted success on the Internet with quantifiable actions.

Advertising campaigns can be expensive, is it worth it though? As an entrepreneur, performance marketing provides you with clear indicators to analyze and evaluate your marketing success, at any time.

Increase your visibility on the web with Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing and what is it used for?

The term “performance marketing” stands for advertising measures that have measurable outcomes (e.g. number of purchases, registrations, etc.). Hence, performance marketing differs from traditional marketing campaigns in many ways.

All performance marketing actions are supported by data and the results are transparent and traceable.

Performance marketing campaigns are continuously optimized according to the obtained insights.

How does Performance Marketing help your business?

Target your customers through digital channels, such as search engines or social media, with the help of performance marketing. 

As a company, you receive a lot of data in the course of a campaign regarding the effectiveness of the applied actions. This is because the defined KPIs are measurable, which enables you to optimize your strategy. 

As an experienced performance marketing agency from Munich, we support you on your way to the cost-efficient marketing of the future.

Our performance marketing experts: growth360

Your growth is our motivation! We develop and support individual and cross-channel campaigns for your company. Our experienced project managers always have your goals, brand and customers in mind. In addition to detailed analyses and careful implementation, continuous optimization guarantees the sustainable success of the measures.

Christine Waldmann

Managing Director of growth360

As a subsidiary of Digital Loop, the performance marketing agency growth360 is one of our long-term partners.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

You can position your service on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, by using Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

Social Media Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing ads offer a major advantage: based on demo- and psychographic data, target audiences can be directly addressed.

Retargeting (over Google & Facebook)

When website visitors show interest in a product or service, they can be re-addressed through retargeting.

Display Performance Ads

We recommend using Display Performance Ads to awake the interest of your customers through visual elements. Our experts design and manage your targeted campaigns to reach your target audience.

Google Shopping

Thanks to Google Shopping, your online store can be connected to the most powerful search engine in the world. Through shopping campaigns you can also advertise your products.

SEA Audit: how we improve the performance of your SEA campaigns

SEA Audit delivers the insights that you need to improve the success of your campaigns. Your SEA activities can only be successful if your Google or Microsoft Ads account is granularly and professionally set up. By hiring us as independent experts, we are going to help you achieve more visibility in search engines in only five steps:

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