Ensure key user experience with AI-based MarTech Solution

You do your best at SEO, performance marketing and other digital marketing efforts, to encourage your user to involve in key user workflow, such as signing up an account or creating a quotation by filing the requirement details. However, what if the application is broken, when the user is using mobile? How can we test the application automatically and put ourselves in users’ shoes, to ensure the UX? Datadog Synthetics can be the answer for this question. We take care of your key website application, before it is too late!

What is Datadog Synthetic Test?

Datadog, the leading cloud monitoring and analytics provider, offers the automated website-testing solution — Synthetic Browser & API Test.

Synthetic Browser-Test helps the business owners verify that key user workflows, such as signing up for a new account.Synthetic API-Test checks not only that the applications are up and responding to requests, but whether any defined conditions are met, such as response time, HTTP response code, and header or body contents.

In short, Datadog Synthetic Test allows you to observe how your systems are performing as experienced by the users!

Solution Plan

Make the automatic marketing tests plan fit to your business needs and budget.


We setup the tests in best practice and maintain them for you.


Troubleshoot and do necessary adjustment to avoid next alert.

Dashboard Setup

Design dashboards for your ease to monitor.

Strategy Consulting

We provide interpretation and suggestion based on the monitoring result for your best next step

How does Datadog Synthetic Test benefit your business

Monitor critical user journeys

Run tests in the frequency you decided

Save resources with AI powered tests

Detect performance issues for different locations & devices

Fast root cause analysis and troubleshooting with APM integration

Our Services

Most Important Facts

  • Tag Management System
  • Reporting & Visualization

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