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Latest news from Power BI: May update brings us field parameters, zoom and select improvements, new visuals, general availability for the new Format Pane is postponed till June.

Like I mentioned in the previous blog post on Power BI March update, the issue with the new Format Pane seems to me more of a ‘getting-used-to’ thing. But, apparently, there were too many users questioning the introduced features. As a result of this, general availability of the new Format Pane is postponed till June and Power BI team encourages users to send more feedback.

New features like canvas zoom and ability to select items using only keyboard will definitely add some usability to the reports. However, I think that they are not the main ‘celebrities’ of this month’s update.

What I found exciting in the recent update is the preview availability of Field Parameters which should make the life of both report developers and end users much easier. There are two obvious use cases of this new feature.

The first one is making the life of report developers easier. If the visualization is supposed to show several different metrics depending on the user’s choice, Field Parameter allows to set this up in a matter of minutes with just a couple of clicks.

Microsoft Power BI Field Parameter Used in a Chart

The second use case is benefitting the end users. When a report has a lot of data in tables and users need the ability to show only specific metrics (or columns), Field Parameters come in handy. The developer just creates a slicer with all needed metrics and the end users then decide which columns to show depending on their needs.

Another notable mention is the general availability of Charticulator. After a year of public availability as a preview feature this tool for highly customizable visuals is now fully built into Power BI and available with quite a number of updates and bug fixes.

Charticulator - Custom Visual in Power BI

To learn more about Power BI feature updates in May, read the full article on Microsoft Power BI blog page.

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