Creating added value in business intelligence with data integration

With the help of ETL pipelines and data warehousing, we as a data integration agency help your company to successfully implement your data integration projects.

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Data Integration for Maximum BI Insights

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ETL Pipelines

We extract data for you from any source (APIs., databases, cloud, files & office documents) and transform, structure and standardize this data. They can be uploaded to any type of data warehouse, and we provide a low-code GUI solution. Our services also include managed orchestration, monitoring, notifications and maintenance, as well as the possibility of on-premise or cloud solutions (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud).

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Data Warehouse

Store your data in any form: SQL, NoSQL, HDFS, Blob/S3/GCS. You have control over identity and access management. The solution is scalable and we take care of backups and maintenance on demand.

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We as experts work with all popular tools: Apache NiFi, Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, Google Cloud Data Fusion and Apache Airflow.

What is Data Integration?

Data integration describes the process of bringing together data from different sources and making it available in a unified format or central database. This process is critical for organizations that want to efficiently leverage their data assets and gain a comprehensive view of their business activities. In today's environment where data can come from a variety of systems, applications and platforms, Data Integration provides a solution to make this information consistent, accessible and usable. This enables better analytics, informed decision making and optimized business processes.

Bundling data

In the context of data integration, data from different sources is collected, merged and brought into a uniform data structure. This data can then be analyzed in a data warehouse.

Business intelligence for more insights into company processes

Data is centralized in a data warehouse. The interpretation and utilization of this data falls within the scope of business intelligence. We advise you individually and goal-oriented for an optimal data integration and BI strategy.

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