March 2022 in Reporting and Visualization, by Yury Tolmadzhev

Microsoft Power BI release in March 2022 brings us quite a number of interesting features and updates in reporting, data connectivity, visualization, embedded analytics and more.

What I personally found interesting in the visualization part are the Error bars. Now you can add them to your line charts to visualize the uncertainty in your data. With only a couple of clicks you can also turn them into a Confidence bar to make the variations even more visible.

Microsoft Power BI - Standard Line Chart
Microsoft Power BI - Line Chart with Error Bars
Microsoft Power BI - Line Chart with a Confidence Band

As anticipated, the new filter pane will be used by default for all Power BI users starting from May 2022. This is still probably a controversial incentive because even in the update overview the Power BI team literally asks to send feedback in case of any issues with the pane before it becomes generally available.

Personally, it can only be a matter of getting used to something new. For example, here are two animations showing how to turn a standard slicer into nice buttons using the old formatting and the new formatting panes:

Microsoft Power BI Slicer with an Old Formatting Pane
Microsoft Power BI Slicer with the New Formatting Pane
Of course, these are not the only updates of the latest release. More details about Power BI March 2022 feature updates can be found at the official blog and on Youtube.

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