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Cloud platforms are becoming the leading solution for scaling a business’ infrastructure. From unlimited storing options to using numerous advanced tools – moving to the Cloud comes with a multitude of benefits. We support your company in stepping into the modern World of Cloud. 

Why Digital Loop Cloud Services

Google Cloud Partners

With our team’s creativity, experience and knowledge, we provide end-to-end Cloud solutions by combining Google Cloud advanced tools.

Maximum Security

Whilst achieving and maintaining compliance with complex regulatory requirements, we protect sensitive workloads. We serve clients from Dax-30.

Complex Cloud Solutions

As certified Google Partners, we offer the most advanced Google products such as AI and IoT. Our Cloud Architects specialize in all major Cloud providers. 

Our References

Our References

What We Do

How can we support your company with Cloud Consulting in Munich?

Cost Optimization

Gain control over your Cloud spending and optimize your Cloud account. We have extensive experience on how to lower the price for AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloud Management

We optimize the performance, scale and efficiency of your critical applications. Our clients keep their applications’ functionality up-to-date, whilst maintaining their main focus on their businesses.

On-Going Support

Make the most out of our on-going support from the Experience Team. We offer our support services until the best suiting solution is found.


Cloud Media-Services

Broadcasting live media is heavy lifting. We provide a secure and reliable live video transmission.


Data Migration

Moving workloads to the Cloud requires a well-thought-out strategy that includes a complex combination of management and technology. We ensure the safety of your data on the Cloud and provide a durable storage for resilience and high availability.

Consulting & Workshops

Our IT and Infrastructure Workshops provide you with additional information on how to advance towards the digitization and modernization of your company’s infrastructure. 

Data Availability

From small companies to larger enterprises – data loss is the biggest concern of all organizations. We make sure that your data is always available, from everywhere. 

Dedicated Hosting

Many workloads are simple to move onto the Cloud. However, if it is for a special security reason, licensing and specialized workloads become complex to move to the conventional Cloud Environment. These workloads often require certified hardware and complicated licensing and support agreements. We offer you a dedicated host with a Google Cloud Partnership. 

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Case Sharing

Case 1: Fault tolorance video streaming

The aim of this project was to create a daily live stream solution

  • We created a fault tolerance system that continuously monitors different sources of videos
  • In case of failure of one of the video sources, the live stream smoothly transfers to a healthy and stable source, without the viewers noticing

    Case 2: Development of Food-ordering System for a Top 5 World Retailer

    Using Google Cloud platform, we established an end-to-end food delivery system that contains hundreds of restaurants all around Europe. 

    • For this project, we created a large scale system based on the Cloud
    • We implemented two different systems: one for the the customer’s side and the second one for the business’ side


      Case 3: Serverless Image Optimization for DAX-30 Company

      The goal was to create a serverless application that optimizes the performance and the storage of the website.

      • Based on a code we wrote, a serverless application was set up
      • The costs and the storage was reduced of more than 30%
      • The implementation was making use of an AWS platform. We built a fully automated system for image optimization with very low maintenance costs


          Case 4: Design, Implement and Operationalized Data Pipelines for an Online Marketplace

          • For a well-known marketplace in Germany, we generated a complex Cloud Design to collect and transform the customers’ data
          • The data was collected from different sources, such as AWS based data lake, AWS SQL and NoSQL, Kafka and on-premise Oracle Database
          • Our solution resulted in improved data driven marketing campaigns


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          Tag Management System


          As a marketer you are busy with a lot of marketing plans and campaigns. You want to organize your analysis-, conversion-, optimizing- and marketing tools more efficiently? You want to speed up the digital marketing process and with less IT support? Tag Management System can be the solution!

          Shopware Agency 

          Do you want to maximize the sales potential with a well set up and conversion optimized online shop? We help you set up your technically flawless and highly profitable shop! As a Shopware Agency in Munich, we have the experience, the know-how and the implementation strength, you need.

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