Marketing Operations Consultancy

Marketing Operations is a comprehensive system that monitors an entire marketing process from beginning to end, creating a guideline. Marketing Operations consists of the processes, technologies, data and people that drive a marketing strategy and that enable it to work efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency.


Marketing Operations: More efficiency by technology


Why do you need Marketing Operations?

Due to Digital Marketing, there are more and more IT Systems that specialize in marketing. Digital Loop spezializes in  MarTech (the interaction of marketing and technology). MarTech includes all technological measures and tools that support you in achieving your marketing goals.

How do you benefit from Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations serves as the backbone of a marketing team and offers planning, control and support functions so that the central marketing functions can concentrate on delivering value.

Marketing is changing all the time and at a rapid pace. As a result, Marketing Operations has become an important part of any company.

The Scope of Marketing Operations

Content Creation & Management

Involves the stratetic creation of assets such as copies, images and videos with planned usage for various media including web, mobile, social and print. This includes analysis of their performance and the technologies that enable the use of these assets, as well as administratives tasks.

Demand Generation

Increase the demand for your products and services from new and existing and customers and accelerate their movement through the buying cycle. It is about identifying goals, attracting attention and interest, building a relationship, and exchanging information in a meaningful way.

Performance Measurement

Establish and track KPIs and metrics for both the entire customer journey and all marketing investments to provide insight into the effectiveness, efficency and attribution related to marketing efforts. Leveraging this information enables higher ROI and higher and faster conversion rates.

What are your advantages with Digital Loop?

The advancing digitalization presents companies of all sizes with new challenges. As a MarTech agency, we have made it our goal to support our customers in this process in long-term partnerships. Our approach is hollistic. We include all company divisions and departements in the consultation.” – John Munoz

Our approaches to Marketing Operations


Marketing Operations must overcome existing departmental boundaries

Marketing must learn to lead fluently across functions and departments.

Marketing has to own the Customer Journey

Marketing has to drive the customer journey experience. A 360-degree view is required that takes into account all off the company´s touchpoints (sales, IT, customer service, etc.).


Additional skills are required

Agile Team leadership, analytical, technology integration skills are required.


Data, Analytics and content are key

Benefits from customer data and content from across the company. Mazimazing the use of data and content increases customer interactions and marketing ROI.

Etablish operational metrics

Operating metrics for the implementation of the campaign as well as the campaign itself are important.

How does Marketing Operations Consulting works?


In an initial marketing audit, our MarTech consultants identify optimization options using methods such as SWAT analysis, GAP analysis, audit, interviews, etc.



Our Team designs a strategy that is based on your use cases. The focus is on the sustainable and targeted use of marketing technologies (MarTech).


We work out a technological solution. Based on your requirements, we select and combine suitable MarTech tools (e.g. DMP, CDP, data warehouse, …).

Our MarTech professionals implement the selected tools. We guarantee a ready-to-use infrastructure with full control.



The great advantage of MarTech is full transparency about the sucess of the measures. If necessary, we adjust the strategy and get your marketing on track.


Our consultants support and teach your employees the relevant processes and methodologies, from the beginning. As a result, you will be able to acquire profound knowledge on marketing technologies within your company.

Stake Holder Management

No matter whether assistant or head of department, in order to gain support for new structures within a company, all stakeholders must be involved right from the beginning. We incorporate all stakeholder perspectives from the planning stage onwards. During the implementation phase, we ensure that different interests are reconciled.


Why Digital Loop?

As an introduction, we offer you a 30-Minute initial meeting with one of our MarTech & Marketing Operations experts.


Vladimir Stashevskiy:

  • 6 years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Digital Marketing
  • Certified in Commanders Act

John Munoz

  • 10+ years experience in Digital Analytics, MarTech & Tech SEO
  • Customer Data Platform Expert
  • Project experience with Commanders Act

Our Data Setup services in Detail


Quick help from our experts

  • Root cause analysis for incorrect or incomplete data
  • Analysis of the actual and target state of the Google Analytics setup
  • Google Analytics Optimization
  • Custom Data Measurement
  • Data integration for Google Ads
  • Cost import from marketing channels
  • Tracking Optimization in the Google Tag Manager
  • Reporting Dashboards in Google Data Studio
  • Creation of Custom Reports
  • A/B Testing Tools
  • Marketing Software


Lang-term optimization of our Setup

  • Implementation of Digital Analytics and MarTech Software
  • Data integration from A to Z
  • Measurement Strategy develoment and KPI
  • Strategic Segmentation of Users/target groups
  • Setting up a Data Warehouse
  • A/B Testing Setups
  • Development of attribution concepts
  • Increase in data quality and quantity
  • Automated and time-saving reporting for Stakeholder and Shareholder
  • Training & Workshops


More Data and Insights

  • Tracking: i.a. Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch
  • Data Warehouse: i.a. BigQuery
  • A/B Testing: i.a. Google Optimize
  • Reporting & BI: i.a. Data Studio, PowerBI, Tableau, Excel
  • Web Analytics: i.a. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions in MarTech

What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations is a term used to describe the extensive system that controls any number of marketing activities and evaluates a company´s overall marketing performance. To be sucessful here, you need a sophisticated marketing operations strategy. Nowadays marketing is changing all the time and at a rapid pace. As a result, Marketing Operations has become a critical part of any business.

What does marketing include?

  • Content Creation & Management (Strategic planning, Budget Management, production management, Asset Management, marketing in various channels)
  • Demand Generation (Data Management, Tool and MarTech-Stack Management, Campaign Management, Lead Management, User Experience Management)
  • Performance Measurement (ROI calculations, Reporting, Analytics, Conversion Tracking, Customer Segmentation)

What are the main components of the marketing operations?

  • Marketing Analytics and Reporting
  • MarkTech Stack Management
  • Marketing Compliance
  • Marketing – Project- and Processmanagement

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