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Visibility in search engines is the key to your success on the Internet.

With SEO you increase the ranking position of your website in Google and Bing. Generate more traffic and increase your sales – with only minor spreading loss.

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Are you looking for a SEO agency in Munich? We help you achieve better rankings

We help you improve your ranking in Google

Complete Package

We do not only focus on the individual aspects of SEO. Ranging from content to technical SEO: we offer a full package of services to satisfy your requirements.


Our SEO experts have a total of 105 years of experience and know all the pitfalls of the subject. We support clients from companies of all sizes, whether they are start-ups or enterprises.

Excellent Consultation

We make your business our priority. Our SEO advisors will provide you fast and effective solutions, which allows you to concentrate on your business.

Our References

Our References

From the plan to the implementation:
Our SEO Solutions

Our SEO Solutions


OnPage Optimization

  • In-house editorial team creating high-quality content for you
  • Production of search engine-optimised texts with regards to relevant keywords
  • Support the development of strategic and editorial plans

OffPage Optimization

  • Increase page cross-linking through targeted backlinking strategies
  • More traffic and user engagement through social signals
  • A comprehensive approach linked to content, UX and customer loyalty


  • Review your web applications using advanced AI-based synthetic UX testing
  • Implementation of automated tests and dashboards
  • Troubleshooting in case of problems in performance

Data Driven SEO

  • Action recommendations based on quantifiable market data
  • Additional value to various areas: from benchmark analysis to a keyword strategy
  • Implementation of a SEO data-warehouse

SEO Detox & Penalty Support

  • Audit of critical backlinks
  • Monitoring and adjustment of your link profile and the Disavow file in the long-term
  • Prompt support from our SEO consultants

Mobile SEO (ASO)

  • Improvement of mobile usability and loading time of your website
  • Creation and maintenance of pages with responsive and dynamic design
  • A team of professionals that keeps up with the latest developments through on-going training

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Our Tools

Our content management strategy is to achieve success within 30 days with Digital Loop. SEO optimised, of course.

Success within 30 days – our content management strategy. SEO optimised

Day 1

Adjust meta-titles and descriptions

Day 2

Assign ALT attributes to images

Day 3

Revise non-functioning links

Day 4

Check and revise redirects

Day 5

Standardise URL structures

Day 6

Shorten URLs and optimise SEO

Day 7

Set internal links on the pages

Day 8

Create anchor texts

Day 9

Keep click trails short

Day 10

Review and increase the accessibility of the website

Day 11

Show search engines what to crawl

Day 12

Carry out a keyword research

Day 13

Ensure a smooth website navigation

Day 14

Improve website loading time

Day 15

Optimise website for mobile view

Day 16

Identify duplicate content

Day 17

Correct duplicate content

Day 18

Perform a TF*IDF analysis on content

Day 19

Create individual headings

Day 20

Create new content

Day 21

Edit old content

Day 22

Maintain a high ratio between content and code

Day 23

Make the content diverse

Day 24

Globalise your internet presence (make it multilingual)

Day 25

Optimise website for local search

Day 26

Effectively integrate social media platforms

Day 27

Control user interaction

Day 28

Link Google Search Console

Day 29

Connect Google Analytics

Day 30

Monitor the progress

Frequently Asked Questions regarding SEO

What does SEO mean?

SEO (= Search Engine Optimization) is the term used to describe marketing measures that aim to obtain better rankings in search engines for a given website. Thus, more visitors are gained organically (i.e. without paying for it).

There are various ways of improving the ranking of a website. These include strategic, technical and creative tasks. For example, OnPage measures involve writing texts that incorporate search-relevant content and keywords. With Backlink strategies, on the other hand, links can be created to your online presence to make it relevant for the algorithm responsible for searching keywords in Google, for example. 

If you want to achieve high rankings consistently, there are a few things you need to consider. We will support you from the stage of analysis to the implementation. 

How can a SEO agency support me?

Do you want to be on the very top of Google searches? As an online marketing agency in Munich, we can help you with that, through analysis, workshops, briefings, keyword research, training, support, conception, planning, execution, A/B testing, link detox, competition analysis, hidden potential analysis, etc.

How does Digital Loop approach my company for a SEO consultation?

In general, SEO optimisation starts with a clear and concise formulation of the objectives. You should have a clear vision of the marketing goals you want to achieve in the long-run and we will show you which SEO measures will help you to achieve your goals. As part of a comprehensive SEO audit, we identify potential for optimisation and develop a strategy in collaboration with you. Our experts will then provide you concrete guidance, from which you will profit over the long-run. We support you throughout the implementation process and thereby develop the necessary expertise within your company.

How long does it take for my company to be at the top of Google searches?

SEO is not a simple run: it’s a marathon. The first effects of SEO measures can be expected after two or three months. It can take up to twelve months for them to show their full effect. Compared to other online marketing measures (e.g. Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising), SEO is considered to be a long-term investment. This means that you will also benefit from the results on the long-term.

Make sure to avoid providers who promise you lightning-fast results. The so called “Black Hat SEO” tactics are unprofessional and are heavily penalised by Google.

Do SEO or SEA activities provide the highest added value for me?

There is not a clear answer to this question. With SEO you invest in long-lasting and effective results. In contrast, with SEA you achieve quick and short-term success.

Both search engine marketing (SEM) lead to successful marketing. Thus, your success mainly depends on your goals and business strategy. The combination of both SEO and SEA have proven to be the best solution.

Do you want to get to the very top in Google?

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