Cookieless Tracking: Idea, Benefits and Misconceptions

Cookieless Tracking: Idea, Benefits and MisconceptionsThe “cookieless” tracking topic has been around for quite a while now. The problem is that there are numerous interpretations and contexts in which it is used, which makes it quite difficult to understand what it...

Unleash “Right-Click” in Adobe Analytics # 1 – Upgrade your line chart

UNLEASH THE POWER OF “RIGHT-CLICK” IN ADOBE ANALYTICS #1 UPGRADE YOUR LINE CHART BY PERIOD COMPARISON & QUICK CALCULATION 👊You want to answer business questions via Adobe Analytics more efficiently? We will show you how to fulfill below 3 common marketing or sales...

Exciting Adobe Analytics Update in 2022

What's new for Adobe Analytics 2022Adobe Summit 2022 is just finished. I am excited to share the news with you guys about the 5 exciting announcements in the session. 3 of them are already available, one will be released next week, and the final one (which I super...

Are Big Brands Choosing Subfolder Over Subdomain for Multilingual Websites? Yes! (we checked)

Are Big Brands Choosing Subfolder Over Subdomain for Multilingual Websites? Yes! (we checked)One of the issues that we deal with often is creating multiple language versions of websites for our clients.  When we were questioned again “but why should we choose this...

GTM Tag Assistant

New GTM Debugger Experience a.k.a. Tag Assistantincluding something you definitely have to change in your GA Setup – read on!With this one I would like to shed some light on the newly released Google Tag Manager Preview & Debug mode, which gives us a whole new...

Why Adobe Analytics campaign tracking doesn’t work

Why my Adobe Analytics campaign tracking doesn’t work?Typical 5 mistakes that you can check out and avoid them for your campaign!There is a common issue that the numbers in Adobe Analytics campaign report are much lower than the numbers shown by your campaign tools or...


Wan-Yu Lee

Wan-Yu is a certified Adobe Analytics Expert, now as MarTech & Digital Analyst in Digital Loop.
She and Digital Loop Analytics Team are on hand to support you in Web Analytics related topics!


Delia Modest

Delia hat Erfahrung in SEO, Digital Marketing und Online Marketing Strategien.

Sie und ihr Team freuen sich darauf, Sie bei Ihrer Digital Marketing Strategie unterstützen zu dürfen!

Vladimir Stashevskiy

Vladimir ist Berater und Entwickler im Bereich Digital Analytics mit Fokus auf Business und Web Analytics.

Er ist darauf spezialisiert, KMUs und Unternehmen durch die Implementierung skalierbarer Digital Analytics-Infrastrukturen zu unterstützen.

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